Celebrating 7 Years Of Kill The Lights And Circus Fantasy By Britney Spears

It has been a whopping 7 Years since Britney released her Circus Fantasy Perfume, which included a promotional single for ‘Kill The Lights,’ Britney’s final single from her brilliant ‘Circus’ Album.

Britney never released her own video for ‘Kill The Lights,’ but did offer out a competition to her fans to create a video for her. The winner’s video was chosen as the official release and features on Britney’s official ‘VEVO’ channel.

The video is believed to be the continuation of Britney’s ‘To be continued..’ Break The Ice music video… but this has no been fully confirmed…. The video concept is extremely similar though, so you decide…

Celebrate with us by watching the music video below:

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Happy Birthday Circus Fantasy and Kill The Lights!