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May 16, 2015


Hey, don’t you know that it’s always the same, when Brit tweets all her fans go insane? Brit took the time to chat to her fans on Twitter today.

Missed the TOTALAY cool chat today? Well lets break it down for ya!

Brit was belting out to Miley Cyrus whilst tweetin’, her current playlist go to track is Hey Mama and she is super excited for the Billboard music awards, which apparently will include some form of Bang… most likely from our hearts exploding.

When asked to describe her fan base, B endearingly said loyal and also made sure to mention that Pretty is from the inside, it is what matters most. Oh and always be true to yourself.  A perfect duo to B, means a perfect partner, so in simple terms – a lot of love for Iggy (who by the way, is yet to meet B’s boys) and of course her Fancy video. Her fave part of the Pretty Girls video? The end. No not like when it is over you BANANA… the part where the aliens take ‘em away.

Hot Pursuit is on the movie hit list. Brit also mentioned something about sunglasses… no idea what this means…  (the silly billy asking the question removed her tweet), her sweet potato dinner, an ideal no calorie pizza (we wish), her 3 FAVE emotes – the rocket, the dancing lady and the high five (which we are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that they are not prayer hands) – and her fave lip balm flavour, cherry. No wait… she meant kiwi strawberry. BTW – her ankle is doing much better too!

Oh we forgot to mention… there were also a few follows and quick hellos to the bulk posters, the ones that claim, that if they do not get a follow they will eat their hamburger instead of their salad…. but you knew that already..