Britney And David Split Up Rumors Are Not True


Gossipcop claims that

the X17Online tale is “just a sad attempt to create a story.”

The site also explained how lame sites like X17Online make up stories.

(1) X17Online got a photo of Spears shopping by herself, and so it decided to claim she and Lucado “split” — all because her boyfriend was not in the picture.

(2) The webloid then employed a made-up quote from a phony source to back up its premise that Spears and Lucado “broke up.” But there’s really no proof.

(3) So, the blog then brought up her kids, and said she’s now been “focusing on her boys.” Lacking any sources or facts, X17Online only had an Instagram photo Spears took the day before of herself with Sean and Jayden, so it used that — and that alone — to add the untrue claim that she’s “seeking solace in her boys.”

But in the end Gossipcop checked the truth from many mutual friends of them and Britney.

TRUTH is Spears and Lucado are still dating.

What do you think about this information? To be honest, we believe they are still going strong!