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Apr 24, 2016

An extraordinary dream come true! #Doitforthelove #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

Jordan 2

It’s spotlight time for a VERY special Britney Army member this time.

Everyone meet Jordan. Jordan is a 26 year lady with Down syndrome. Last March, she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cerebrovascular disease called Moyamoya Disease. In the past year, Jordan has undergone 2 brain surgeries and has had 7 strokes, following that was later diagnosed with Celiac Disease and sleep apnea. She has this incredible, unwavering strength and courage that has gotten her to where she is today. A few months ago, her mother Corinne, heard about a wish foundation founded by Michael Franti called Do It For The Love. They believe that music can be healing. Corinne sat down with Jordan one night and asked her who she loves to listen to and she replied with, “Spears”… Referring to Britney Spears of course. Corinne found every Britney Spears video that she could on Youtube to which Jordan and Corinne sang and laughed to. Later that night, Corinne filled out the application to have Jordan’s wish granted. A lady from the organization named Joyce worked her magic and got Jordan four tickets to see Piece of Me, including a meet and greet.  Now because of Jordan’s risk for strokes Corinne and Jordan had to drive 2200 miles round trip from Montana to Las Vegas!

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We at Britney-Galaxy are extremely fortunate and honoured to have been contacted by Jordan’s mother, who has been kind enough to share this extraordinary experience with us. Check out the story below:

First, I want to say how amazingly kind Britney Spears staff was to my daughter. I also want to thank Britney-Galaxy.com for featuring our story! It set the entire tone for the evening. When we arrived at the meet and greet, we were met by a lady and greeted by name. A nice guy named named Ron ( from security, I think), told the group we were with all of the rules for meeting Britney Spears. Jordan was pretty overwhelmed, and worried because she wouldn’t remember the rules. I think Ron saw us talking, because he didn’t make Jordan and I go through the body scan with the wand. (thank you, Ron!!). We were led through the building and out the back, where Ron went over more rules, and how the meet and greet would work. He introduced the group to Fe, this wonderful woman who told us what to expect when meeting Britney Spears. When she finished talking to us, Jordan asked her for a hug. Fe was awesome! She got a big ol Jordan hug, and talked with Jordan for a few minutes. Then she offered to let Jordan sit in this old ratty chair, because Jordan was starting to get tired by this time. Jordan settled into that old chair and felt important, because Fe made her FEEL like she was important. As we waited our turn to go inside and meet Britney, Jordan did what she does best, and befriended another guy (I think also from security), named George. Jordan and George, talked, hugged and posed for a picture (so that she could remember her new friend), before we were ready to go meet Britney Spears. A few of the dancers also stopped and wished Jordan a good time at the concert.

Jordan & I went inside. When it was finally her turn, we went up a ramp onto an area set up to take a picture with Britney Spears. Jordan walked up, saw Britney, and her entire face lit up like it was Christmas. Jordan walked over, and Britney said hi to her and asked her what her name was. Jordan told her her name, and very quietly asked if she could have a hug. Britney Spears was so sweet to Jordan! I told Britney that meeting her and seeing her in concert was Jordan’s wish. (She was unaware of this). Jordan and I posed for the picture with her, and that was that! Jordan walked out of there smiling and so happy!!

I know this is much longer than you were probably anticipating, But I wanted to add in how wonderful and considerate Britney Spears’ staff was to Jordan. Britney Spears was of course the highlight of the night, but her staff made Jordan comfortable enough that she could actually ENJOY the experience, without being overwhelmed.

What an incredible story and thank you for sharing your story with us! We are so happy Jordan’s dream came true! It’s amazing to hear that Britney and her staff  truly care about the fans, by making dreams come true.