Britney Spears sends “Get Well” balloons to Christopher! @britneyspears

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Twenty one year old Christopher Metsker has been battling with a lot of medical issues since he was born. Christopher has been battling with; heart issues, a lung defect, pneumonia, was in several comas and has had a cardiac arrest. Tara Metsker (Christopher Mother) has given the permission to post about Chris’s story. She also spoke to about how Britney sent Christopher “Get Well” balloons two days ago, while he is staying in the hospital and how she thought someone was playing a joke on them. “I thought someone from my family or friends was playing a joke on us” Tara tells “Then I received a phone call from Britney’s management team making sure Chris received the Balloons and Card from Britney, I was in shock”. See below on what Britney sent to Chris:

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Click here to see Christopher’s reaction to receiving the balloons from Britney!

Tara also tells Britney-Galaxy that Chris went to see Britney’s “Piece of Me” show in December of 2014, funded by the “Do it for The Love” foundation. “We went to see Britney’s show before Chris got sick again and one of Britney’s dancers, Mikey, came up to us and started talking to Chris! He was such a sweetheart!” Below is a picture of Mikey, Tara, and Chris:

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Tara then went on saying that Britney’s assistant, Felicia, came out to greet them and she had a gift for Chris. “The gift Felicia gave to Chris was an autograph VIP laminated chain signed by Britney Spears herself, Chris’s face lit up when it was given to him! He was a very happy fan! Felicia is so sweet!” Below is a picture of Chris and Felicia:

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Christopher is now in the hospital due to his medical conditions but he is in good spirits. Tara tells Britney-Galaxy that he keeps his, Britney autograph VIP laminated chain, right by his hospital bed and he gets very happy when he sees it right next to him. It is his good luck charm.

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We will be keeping Christopher in our thoughts and prayers! Britney-Galaxy has opened our guest book for any of the Britney Army to wish Christopher good vibes to our fellow Britney Army member, click here to go to our guestbook. Thank you Tara for giving Britney-Galaxy the permission to feature Christopher’s story on our website and for speaking with us. We are VERY happy that Britney was able to put a HUGE smile on Christopher’s face. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!