Britween is back and spookier than ever! Every fan will agree that Britney owns Halloween and here are the receipts to prove it…

Any hotter and your screen would melt! Let’s check out more spell binding moments of 2015:

The very important Spears’ boys scared the town with these epic costumes:

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My boys getting into a little Halloween mischief 👻

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Britney selected her very deserving Britween costume winners:

Even the dancers got involved and painted the town pink!

In fact every dancer pretty much ruled Britween…

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My team bringin’ on the #britneyween…

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The moment that broke the internet – Britney Regrammed this epic Justney tribute..

Mamma Spears got into the action too and ‘Monster Mashed’ her Britween away!

Even our future Barmy could not resist paying tribute to this iconic moment:

The whole fandom got in on the ‘Iconic Moments’ action!

Even new movies could not resist adding that Britney touch to calm down those pesky zombies… only Britney music could put even the nastiest of people at ease..

Britney is a force to be reckoned with – check out these iconic Halloween costumes over the years:

PHEW – with all these Instagram posts – it comes as no surprise that Britney has just reached 6 million followers! Breaking records one day at a time. With posts like this – why would you not follow Brit?

Cheeky!! And we love it!!

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It is very rare to see an icon take some time out of their day to write a personal letter to their fans. Nothing shows appreciation to your fan base than a handwritten note and a thank you for your support…

When will your faves?


Piece Of Me is slaying – are you surprised? Of course not!

The home of Brit has been nominated for the Top Venue under 10,000 seats recently and we have no doubt in our mind that Planet Hollywood have the award in the bag!

Famous names are still flocking to see the Queen of Pop. Recently Colleen Vlogs posted this video showcasing her epic night out!

Tiesto also made an appearance at the Queen’s Palace:

Even Adele has Brit on her wish list!

Now there is a collaboration we would love to see! Adele get on to that offer – we need pics – as in desperately!

Brit has brought in some new and sexy outfits this week – however one in particular looked very familiar…

We wonder if Brit is hinting the song that is due to future in Jane the virgin… or if she just loved the outfit so much she refused to give it one showcase.. Talking about Jane the Virgin, check out this iconic pic that sent the Barmy into a frenzy..

We cannot wait for the show to air – the look is on point!

Since we are on the topic of ‘Piece Of Me’ – the video has finally reached 80 million views on VEVO! We are not far away from certifying this award winning video – so let’s get watching!

Britney also posted this amazing and heart-warming pic from her #POM stage this week.

Such a great cause and it is amazing to see Brit support the Cancer Foundation – please help and support where you can – we can all kill cancer together!


The song with the shortest title to top the charts, 3, turns 6 this week!

And it looks like the world was feeling a bit nostalgic and brought the song back to the charts!

Time flies when you’re having a threesome fun


Our ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back and for the 3rd week in a row – we only have 1 sighting! Here is a sneaky snap of Brit leaving the recording studio on the 26th October…

The good news is that the album is clearly shaping up – the bad news is 1 sighting… It just will not do – get out there team and bring in some more snaps!!


We would like to say that the wait is almost over – but to be honest – we have no idea where we stand with a release date for B9… but one thing is for sure – a few tracks seems to be finalised – so we cannot be that far right? Check out these (cryptic) tweets from Brit and Mischke this week:

Could that be a title track tease? Just Love Me? Well we do already – but please do not keep us waiting too long!


It is literally impossible to film a music video scene in a school without recreating the ‘…Baby One More Time’ video… no really, impossible! Check out this epic re-enactment by the always cool Perrie..

We LOVE it Perrie! This is one of the best we have seen in ages. Perrie also spoke out about the ‘Pretty Girls’ outcome, which by the way, did NOT flop! We hardly call a top 30 hit a flop – and Perrie agrees!


The collaboration between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea on Pretty Girls was considered a flop, peaking at No16 in the UK chart and No29 in the US.

But co-writers Little Mix didn’t care, according to the girlband’s Perrie Edwards, 22.

She reveals: “I don’t give a crap who thinks it was a flop.

“Britney Spears sang our song. That’s not a flop to me.

“I feel like Britney is the only person who can get away with that line, ‘All around the world, pretty girls’.

“They absolutely smashed it. They owned it.”

Aw, we reckon Little Mix could totes get away with singing the same lines.

Little Mix we salute you! It seems like this week is all about recreating iconic Britney moments, check out Adam Levine take his chances on Oops! I Did It Again…


Adam – we approve! However – how can you forget the lines of this gem? We will forgive you this time round… maybe a visit to Piece Of Me might make up for it though?

That was not all folks… 1,2,3 we also had Sherzy.. check out this spooky Toxic remake:

Those vocals Nicole! You absolutely smashed it!

That is all for this week y’all! We hope you had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween and ready for MOVEMBER! Make sure to send us your moustache pics! Let’s get in on this amazing cause! See you all next week!