Let’s speak about Britney’s latest Instagram post! @britneyspears

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Inspiringney strikes again!

Britney recently posted an inspiring picture on Instagram just moments ago that captioned the word “Goodbye”.

Now, lets not freak out on anything Britney army or jump the gun on anything when seeing this post. Britney-Galaxy has a VERY good feeling that this is a positive post about her life or who knows it could be a song title on #B9. Britney could just be saying “Goodbye” to the evil and negative that was in her life! Miss Spears has a lot of great things happening and also coming her way:

1) Britney’s new album #B9 is dropping very soon:

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2) Britney is receiving this years Billboard Millennium Award

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3) Her piece of me show has been doing AMAZING

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4) Britney has been getting full control over her Instagram account:

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Just lovely!

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5) Britney’s is looking INCREDIBLE lately:

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6) Goofney has been making a HUGE comeback:

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When your damn dog eats all the cheese 😭

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7) Britney has been really slaying in Las Vegas:

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Bottom line don’t overthink anything! Britney is always stronger than yesterday and these points prove that she is ready for a GREAT future coming her way! Goodbye to the past and hello to a great future!