Celebrating 5 Years Since The Billboard Music Awards 2011 – Britney, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

We could swear it was almost yesterday since Britney slayed us with not only one, but two massive performances five years ago at the Billboard Music Awards.

Firstly with some super sexy S&M with Ri-Ri…

…and then made us dance ‘Till The World Ends’ with Nicki Minaj!!

Britney, who just recently (at the time) slayed the entire the music scene with her smash hit eighth studio album, ‘Femme Fatale,’ was rumoured to perform on the night, however nothing was ‘official,’ so to say. When Britney slayed the world with two epic performances, the world just simply, could not deal! It was fire!

Let’s celebrate by watching both performances on repeat today:

Can we just say, we would seriously be down to have both Nicki and Ri on B9 – actually both on the same track would be a dream! Happy Birthday Billboard 2011!

Make sure to tune in to the Billboard Music Awards tonight to see Britney perform a medley of her hits… Britney is going to slay, believe us, you are not ready!