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Jul 4, 2016

Planet Britney – Your Weekly Britney Spears Fix – Edition 51

Welcome back to another week of Planet Britney, where we summarize all things Britney related from last week into one easy and simple post, perfect for those of you who just simply do not have the time to catch up on Britney news every single day.


It has finally happened! ‘Make Me (Oooh)’ has officially been registered as a track on APRA AMCOS! EEK!

This means the track cannot be that far away right? Well, the song is rumored to be released any minute now and has even been registered as a song to look out for on Capital FM..

But do not hold your breath, nothing has been confirmed by team B just yet! We are on the edge of our seats waiting in antici……pation! At least we now know Britney’s full involvement in ‘Make Me (O0oh),’ and if ‘Blackout’ has taught you anything, Britney is going to take the music industry by storm with this record! Hold on to your weaves!

Oh and just to make things very clear, all the other rumors you have heard so far… well, they are as fake as the National Enquirer! Give it to us straight Larry Rudolf:

“Although this and all of the other rumors I’ve read surrounding the release of Britney’s new single ‘Make Me’ are very entertaining, so far none of them have been true.”

Remember if it is not official – you will not see it on Britney Galaxy.. simples!


This week we celebrated the sixth anniversary of Britney’s personal Candie’s collection!

We also celebrate the 17th birthday of Britney’s first ever tour, ‘…Baby One More Time Tour.’

How adorable, right?! Time flies… please make it stop! Congratulations on your milestones B!


This week has been all about Vegas and we are totally cool with this! Check this out, we got pool snaps:

We got new additions to costumes!

Some hot off the press professional shots from the show:

And…(if this does not scream DVD in the making nothing will) we also got some epic professional footage of Britney performing Touch Of My Hand!

Smoking!! Look at the effortless slayage! Viva Las Vegas!

That is all for this week y’all. We will leave you with this super cute fan-girl moment from none other than the super talented Bebe Rexha:

Bebe – we love you more and more each day! Keep stanning girl! Till next week!