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Sep 19, 2016

A flawless fan dances in the street to “Make Me”! @britneyspears

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You better get that promo BITCH!

This flawless Britney Army member, Troy Miller, danced in the streets of Canada on Saturday night to Britney’s single “Make Me”. Troy posted the video on his Facebook saying:

“Only in Canada would the police point you out on the street because they recognize you from your dance videos. Then proceed to stop traffic and make you dance for them while they blare music from their loud speakers and cheer you on. Sorry for all the trips, fumbles and falls, Yes, I was drunk, but they were very accepting of this fact lol”.-Troy

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Click here to watch the AMAZING video of Troy dancing to Britney. Way to go Troy! You make the Britney Army proud and we are sure you made Britney proud 😉

Update: It looks like Britney saw the video!! Britney re-posted the video on her facebook account!!