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Aug 13, 2015

Matthew Koma Talks Working with Britney

Matthew Koma was interviewed by POPCRUSH recently and talked about working with Britney “THE QUEEN” Spears on her next album! Stay Calm…

Check it out:

You had some studio time, or you’re continuing to, with Britney. What is that like?

She’s extremely talented. It’s funny getting to work with her sometimes, you know, because you just think about the history and how much of pop music is influenced today by things she’s done and invented.

It’s gotta be surreal.

It’s super surreal to sit there and hear Britney Spears sing one of your songs. It’s like — it’s one of those things on the checklist. You know, I checked off Kelly Clarkson too. There are very few of those marquee artists where it’s like, okay, check, that’s really cool. It just feels like…it holds a different weight.


Before I get to Shania, which I’m very interested in, everyone’s always fascinated: What is Britney like in the studio, and what is the recording process like?

Super, beyond pro. Beyond sweet. Comes in. Nails it. Knows the tunes. With her, it’s been a very different thing, case by case. There are songs where she has a lot of input, as far as “I wanna go for this vibe and this is what I’m listening to, and this is what I’m into and this is what I want to execute,” and there are other times where she’s like “This song speaks to me. I learned it and I wanna kill it.” And she does. She’s been wonderful.

Hearing about album 9 makes the Britney Army so warm and fuzzy on the inside!!!