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Sep 19, 2016

Exclusive: Meet the lucky fan who won Britney’s #VMAs costume! @britneyspears


Meet Victoria Normand: the very lucky winner of Britney’s 2016 VMA costume! Britney-Galaxy.com has been given the honor of speaking with Victoria about what it’s like to win the very costume worn by our very own queen, Miss Britney Spears!

Victoria begins sharing her experience by telling Britney-Galaxy about how she came to be a Britney fan. “My mom was a huge Britney fan, and so I grew up being a Britney fan as well,” she says. “When my mom saw that Britney was doing a fundraiser to help those affected by the flood in our home state of Louisiana, she made a donation. She really wanted to support Britney’s efforts, but we never really expected to win. Imagine our shock and excitement when we became the official winners of Britney’s VMA outfit!”

Victoria, who is a student at Louisiana State University, goes on to tell Britney-Galaxy just how big of a fan she is, and how big of a place Britney has in her life: “I am currently a student at LSU, and anyone from Louisiana knows that LSU football is a big deal! [Just] not as big of a deal to me as our hometown hero, Britney.”

britney 2

Victoria then continued by expressing her excitement about winning the costume. “While it may seem silly to some, this prize has brought so much joy to so many of my friends that were affected by the flood. It is a perfect distraction from the challenging realities of rebuilding their lives. Many of them can’t wait to come and see it in person, and they are just so happy for me. More important than any excitement from the outfit is the amazing fundraising that Britney did to help those directly affected by the flood. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to see your whole life thrown out on your front lawn, but if I can be even a small part of helping people to recover then my heart is full. And I got a pretty amazing outfit in the process! This is an experience that my mom and I will never forget, and it made us love Britney even more. #louisianaproud”

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Huge congratulations to Victoria and thank you for speaking with Britney-Galaxy! Enjoy your VMA costume and thank you for supporting Louisiana!