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Apr 29, 2019

The Truth About Why Fans Can Never Interact With Britney. #FreeBritney

Hi Everyone,

It is Anthony here! WOW there has been so much going on these past couple of weeks and all I can say is THANK GOD it’s all surfacing now, but that’s something I did not want to speak about. I have kept very quiet about certain things but now I feel is the right time to share it with you all.

Soo….here it goes……


You all know I use to speak to Britney’s team. I was very close with them. It all started when I reached out to Team B telling them, that we need to bring the “spark” back when it comes to the fans because we keep getting paid to the dust. Then the next day I received an email back asking them if I can help them bring the spark back because they were open to suggestions, so I said sure why not, because all I wanted was the fans to be happy and of course Britney. So I am sure you all saw during the whole “glory” era, it was a great time for fans, I sent Team B ideas of sending prizes to the fans, sending cards to the fans, trending hours, I would give them a list of fans on twitter of who never got a tweet from, “Britney” (notice how I put that in quotation), which fans were ill in the hospital, inspiring stories, or anything of that sort that had to do with the fans was all me. They called me their “fan- spy”, which I did not mind, because at the end of the day I wanted the FANS to be happy. There were some battles about ideas, which was weird but I let it go. I thought things where going great until……

I started opening my mouth more…..


I was on a call with Team B, because I wrote an email to them about how I felt they were mimicking our website on that “The Britney Army Account”, and also I wanted to be about what they should be doing during the piece of me shows, when Britney still had her Las Vegas residency. I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we selected two or three die heart fans that attend Britney show to meet Britney, that have never met her before, I know all the fans that are attending the show and I can send them to you, I feel the fans and Britney would like that. The response I got was “No WE can’t do that”. I then stopped was like, “well why can’t you ask her?” and they said “no she wouldn’t want that”. Then I was like ok, then why don’t we do a freak show victim, I mean no offense you guys pick random people, why can’t we choose fans instead, I bet she would love that, the response I got “No WE can’t do that”.  Notice how I keep bolding WE because already it shows THEY make the decisions not her.  I was very taken back. I then said “Ok but Britney loves her fans though, why can’t they meet someone they look up too”, then they told me they had to run and they HUNG UP on me. I was speechless and really upset. I am sure if Britney heard about this she would have been fuming, but like always they don’t tell her any of this, they just manipulate her.


There was SO much drama about the M&Gs, how fans were being RUSHED all the time during the meet and greets and how Britney’s Negative ass assistant, Robin, always rushed her, (but I always DO pray for her and send her love that she finds healing in her life), but anyway the stories were just breaking my heart, so what I did was I wrote an email to Team B about the whole situation, and did I get a response back NOPE. I ALWAYS got a response back but NOPE I did not at all, its like they did not even care, not even an email back saying, ok we will look into it, NOTHING at ALL. I thought ok maybe I am over reacting and maybe they got busy, so I texted fans that did the M&G and they said nothing has changed, and Robin was rushing them even more!! I then sent two more emails about this situation and got NO response.  Anytime there was a complaint about from the Britney Army, there was NO response. NOTHING.  When I wrote to them about the Crappy merchandise, NOTHING BACK. It just seemed it was all about MONEY and that was it, who cares what the feedback was like, as long as they got their money’s worth it don’t matter. I also was told they only allow the meet and greets because they know fans will pay the money, that’s why they charge so much, because we are just MONEY to her team.It just broke my heart so much.

I know I have been quiet on this whole situation but I felt it was the right time to post this, because I feel anything can help. I just wanted you the fans to know the truth, and this is WHY you never see her with fans, because it is her TEAM, for whatever reason they just don’t want her fans to go near her or even speak to her, it’s because they make the decisions for her.  Anytime she tries to sign anything when she sees her fans,  her team pushes her away, it’s almost they are scared if she talks to her fans , because maybe her fans will tell her the TRUTH and give her the awaken she needs.  I know she LOVES her FANS so much but her team just stops us from interacting with her!! I was just very happy the TRUTH is all finally surfacing and coming out. I just want YOU the fans to know, I fought so much for you all, I tried and TRIED and TRIED so much, but I just gave up. That’s why I backed down from Team B, I just couldn’t do it anymore, because they way they represented Britney Spears is VERY poorly, and that’s something I did not want to be apart of anymore. Please keep fighting and speaking out for our GIRL and don’t be fooled by her recent instagram post because that is NOT her. It’s time to free our girl Britney everyone. This is the year that she will get her freedom. Sending you all positive vibes and I love you all very very very much.


PS: I want to say too, I am VERY grateful for getting special recognition in the pass BUT, I am not going to stand  here and see someone who everyone looks up to getting mentally abused, taken advantaged of by her father and her team. I just don’t have the heart to do that. She has helped so many fans through her music and I can’t just sit here knowing, I can do A LOT to help the one beautiful person we all look up to. It’s the fans time to help her now.