Britney Spears new album will “Shake Things Up A Bit”#B9 @britneyspears

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Are you ready for new B9 everyone?!?!

Britney spoke to a second Australian radio station, 104.1, just moments ago. Brit spoke about her new upcoming album coming out, adding 2 new songs to her “Piece Of Me” show, her catching Pokemon at the mall yesterday and also how she is not a club person. Check out she said during the interview below:

“There’s a couple of things we touch on – Intimacy.. me being a hopeless romantic..” @britneyspears on new music and speaking about her new upcoming album

“The album is coming to the table soon, so that will shake things up a bit!” @britneyspears

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They’re constantly talking about it and i’m always introduced to new pokemon characters!” @britneyspears

“I went all over the mall looking for them! I was like, It’s summer, let’s go looking for Pokemon!” @britneyspears

“I thought for a second that @rihanna had lost her mind!” @britneyspears laughs about #Rihanna and Pokemon


“I’m not a club person.. i’m a mum, so I don’t really go out!” @britneyspears on living in Vegas for her shows

“I will be adding two new songs from my album to “Piece Of Me”

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It was awesome hearing Britney on the radio again, she sounded SO happy and we LOVED hearing that iconic laugh of hers. Be sure to keep checking on our recordings from the two interviews today.

Incase you missed the first interview from today click here!