Britney Spears just ended her teams bullshit stories! #FreeBritney

The power of Britney Spears is REAL.

Britney Spears and her hot ass boyfriend were spotted shopping today in LA. While Britney and her boyfriend were walking to the car, paparazzi was asking Britney several questions. One gentlemen asked if she had a message to her fans and her response was “I love you guys”. Then another gentlemen asked if she was going to perform again and her response was “of course”!  Based on Britney’s statements in this video, her team is now looking more like idiots than they ever before, and we secretly love it.

All the media outlets that decided to get their “Exclusives” from Team B are definitely kicking themselves right now because this recent video of Britney does not look like a person who is “not doing well or not in the right mind set”. This video shows a beautiful women, who is looking healthy, strong, positive, cheerful and most of all  her iconic badass self. Britney’s team needs to just stop humiliating Britney and most importantly stop speaking on her behalf. Britney will speak when she wants to speak and she did a little bit of it during this recent video, which made us very happy! Britney is creative, smart, funny, brilliant with great ideas and most of all she is Britney Bitch. We know one day she will find a better team who will listen to her and treat her the way any beautiful person deserves to be treated like. You are not taken her wings this time Team B.

Check out the video of Britney ending her teams bullshit:

PS: Looking good Britney, you are such a badass 😉

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Britney and Sam were spotted out and about today! She said she is going to be performing again and also that she loves her fans!! She also is speaking out more when Photographers are coming to her which is an amazing sign! Her laugh in this video is amazing! She ended Larry, Lou Taylor, the bullshit articles about her and her bullshit team in this video. We have been saying since day one she loves her fans and she is so strong! Keep being positive everyone and dont believe the bullshit you read about what her team is posting. In this video you see our Britney we all love!!!! She also looks fucking amazing!!! We love you Britney so much and the future looks so bright for you beautiful!! #FreeBritney #britneyspears

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