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Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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That’s right – we just used dawg, cause we are hip that way. Talking about hip – it looks like Brit is teaming up with the hip DJ Mustard for a new track. We would like to say it is for album 9 – but who the hell knows if that is happening at the moment – or if we are still going on the ‘albums don’t matter – but singles do’ trend..

If you think that this is all for music news this week – you would be wrong! ITZ, Blackout and The Holy Spearitt, we hear you and Beyonce chant…

The powers of Britney have been good to us! Shortly after the mustard was spilled, the ‘Want You To Want Me’ hit maker – Ian Kirkpatrick – revealed via Britstagram, that he was in the studio with the Queen of Pop.

That R&B flava is so strong – we had to crack open some windows!! It has our headquarters begging for more!

Well, ask and you shall receive! Britney and Alex Da Kid then decided to send us all into a coma by posting yet another studio visit!

With Grammy winning tracks under his belt and some world famous ballads – it looks like this track is going to be a smasher! Rumour has it that Britney is taking full control of her musical direction and with all these recent songwriters and producers confirmed – dare we say it – it looks like we may have another In the Zone/ Blackout vibe album coming our way! We cannot be more excited.

So Let’s break it down… last year, rumours were flying around that Britney was working with Ed Sheeran, then Danja revealed that he has a massive track he was sending to Britney. Britney and Iggy then slayed the world with Pretty Girls, Chantel Kreviaz posted pictures with Brit in studio – calling the collaboration, ‘next level’ and ‘genius’….

.. DJ Mustard then told the world he cooked up ‘something incredible’  with Britney, Ian Kirkpatrick revealed a collaboration with ‘No Last Name Needed’ Britney…

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awesome morning w/ Britney! #nolastnameneeded

A post shared by Ian Kirkpatrick (@cloudology) on

…And then finally Grammy award winners (and some sort of ‘Chicka Boom’ fan – apparently Britney is one too…)  Alex Da Kid and Britney slayed the world by revealing a collaboration!

Holy smoke – we must have been very good this week! It looks like album 9 is forming… tell your faves to hold on to their weaves!

Since we are on the topic of potential album 9 collaborations – we are still holding on to hope that Brit and Ed have done some work together… let’s hope those rumours were in fact true.. We all know that Ed has always been a Britney fan – so it was great to see THIS CLIP of Ed singing to Oops!…I Did It Again in a London Black Cab this week – for the insanely brilliant (and Britney stanning) Capital FM.

This has got us all hyped up – Can album 9 hurry up already…

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Another week, another slayage! Who on earth said Pretty Girls flopped? Bring them here and let us hit ‘em with the facts! Just this week, Pretty Girls hit number 1 on the Billboard, ‘Dance Club Songs’ charts! Here is what Billboard had to say:

*** No. 1 (1 week)*** “Pretty Girls” Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea
Following its No. 29 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 in May (and much recent online back-and-forth), Spears and Azalea’s “Pretty Girls” rules the Dance Club Songs chart. It’s Spears’ ninth No. 1 on the chart and first since “I Wanna Go” in 2011. Azalea reigns for the fourth time.

Killing ‘em softly… or in this case loudly in the club… pour the drinks – bring the noise! It’s just so Britney! Talking about clubs – have a listen to this epic Pretty Girls remix that landed on our table this week!

Want more epic Pretty Girls news?? Well sure! Pretty Girls has just received their second Teen Choice Nomination!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE! We can win this Barmy! Britney will also be Presenting on the night.. which we will get to a little later.. so let’s make sure she does not go home empty handed! Whilst we are on the topic of voting… since we are the BEST FANBASE out their – let’s make it another win for Pretty Girls in the MTV song of the Summer contest! Click HERE to vote!

And to top it all off.. Britney and Iggy have hit the 90 MILLION views mark on VEVO!! Make sure to watch like crazy and let’s get the video VEVO certified this week!!

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Last week we ended with Britney and her boys at Disney and to say the pictures were adorable would be an understatement… So, it would be outrageously cruel not to start off this week with this adorable Disney pic…

That Oops! cover is life! Like seriously, that should be the google answer to ‘What is life?’

Our ‘Spot The Brit’ game was an easy task from here on wards – it seemed Britney was everywhere to be found! From Disney to California – here is Brit catching up on a much needed Caffeine boost!

Followed by more coffee at the corner bakery..

Shopping for Cheetos at Target:

A quick walk, followed by… you guessed it… coffee and a tasty Subway..

And finally.. you want a hot body? You better Yoga Bitch!

Glowing! Looking fit – Britney is getting ready to slay the world – this cat still has all nine lives! That would be a great album 9 title by the way..

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To say we had a few leaks this week, would be a lie. To be more accurate – we had a flood! For slaying in all the Pretty Girls contests– you deserved a reward.. and of course as your number 1 Britney Fan site – we gave you the exclusives first!

First there was Lucky…

Followed by some Candies…

And finally a boost of V:

And just as an added bonus – here is a flashback of some Herb (Ritz)

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What a week for Britstagram and Britter this week! Let’s kick things off by congratulating Ms. Spears on her 5 million followers mark!

YAY!! Congratulations Brit!!

Britney also took some time to share some precious family moments with her fans!

A personal touch is key to being the queen of Instagram – everyone loves a relatable celeb! Check out these cute as smurfs posts by Brit this week:

Queen of social Networking TBH! We live in a world of ‘Lights, Camera, Edit – Release! ‘ – so it is great to see Brit keep it real!

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ATTENTION PLEASE! BARMY – We need you! Here is the need to know – need to do – need to achieve list!

Be a little ‘Selfish’ and get to work for yourself – with this mega OUT magazine competition:

Then make the world ‘Stronger’ than yesterday and purchase one of these epic Vests! Remember it is the LAST DAY!! So make sure you snatch them up – it is for a great cause!

You were ‘Born To Make Brit Happy’ – so make sure that we get voting on the Candies Style Icon!

Then keep on voting ‘Till The World Ends’ and bring home our Billboard Best fanbase crown!

YOU RULE BARMY – and even though you know it already – Britney really appreciates all the work you do – check out these awesome gifts Brit sent to her fans as a thank you for all you do!

We can do it! With all the work we are putting in – We are positive that a party in France is not far away!!

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It has been 2 years since the totally endearing ‘Ooh La La’ was released! Smurf us blue! Can you actually believe it??

Whilst we are on the topic of Flashbacks – check out this HQ BOMT tour video that was circulating the Britney universe this week! To say we are feeling a little nostalgic is an understatement!

BOMT officially hit 150 MILLION!!! Views this week! If VEVO was out and about back in the day – we believe this video would be in the high billions already!!

BUZZFEED also took us down memory lane by ranking 50 of Britney’s iconic performances! What do you think?

What a week for throwbacks! Cannot wait to see what next week has in store! We love trips down Britney lane!

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Get ready for Presentney y’all! Rumour has it that Britney will be returning to the sports world by presenting an award.. or the whole show (we wish).. at the ESPYS!

But that is not all!! Britney sent the BRITTER world into complete chaos this week – when she confirmed that she will be presenting at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!

If it’s appearances that you want – you have got it! Era 9 is ready… as are we! We cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for us.. the wait is killing us!

That is all for this week y’all – we will leave you with this flawless ‘Stronger’ video – as TBH – it really deserves way more views than it has!!

Till next week!!

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