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Posted on
Apr 30, 2019

A letter to Britney Spears…. # FreeBritney


Dear Britney,

We wanted to tell you from the bottom of our heart, that we will always support you a 100%. The entire world wants you to be free and wants you to be happy again. We want you to know that you are one of the strongest women, we all look up too. Britney you are so loved by so many people in this world, you are probably the most loved and talked about celebrity in this world, which makes you very unique, because you are unique DUH.  You have always been very unique since day one in your fans eyes, which is why our love for you is always endless. There has been a lot of things said in regards to your current situation from people who have had contact with you all around the world. This might be confusing an unsettling, so we wanted to write this little short letter to tell you it’s going to be alright. We want you to know the Britney Army LOVES you and will ACCEPT YOU ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT. Don’t let anyone change your mind or manipulate you. We want you to follow your gut, live a happy life, go on vacations, spend time with your children, make iconic music (when you are READY) and most of all be FREE. Nobody can ever imagine what you are going through and it may be hard, but just know The Britney Army is here to support you ALWAYS. We just want you to be happy again, that’s all we ever want for you.. Remember this:


We are always sending you positive vibes and most of all prayers to give you strength! We love you so very much Britney. You have saved ALL Of US through your music, now it’s our turn to save you Britney.