Spotlight on Britney Army Fan: Crystal Wellman!!

Happy Fan-Sunday everyone!

Today we are featuring our “Britney Army” spotlight on, Crystal Wellman.

What started you to love Britney Spears? 

I was fascinated with Britney from the moment BOMT showed up on TRL…like most everyone else I think!  The moment I became obsessed with her was when the Oops! Video was shown on TRL.  I just adored her.  Her song Girl in the Mirror meant so much to me and got me through a really terrible time in my life…and the rest is history!


What was your first Britney Spears concert? 

I didn’t get to see Britney live until Circus!  It was the happiest moment of my life (up until meeting her of course!), Watching her descend from the ceiling for Circus…I looked at my friend and we were both sobbing!


What is your favorite Britney Spears concert? 

I’d have to say Circus because it was my actual first time being able to see her live and that show was fire!!  I definitely love watching playback of the Onyx Hotel tour though! (She cancelled in my city so I didn’t get to see it😭)


What is your favorite Britney Spears perfume? 

This is a toss up for me.  My favorite is Private Show…close second is regular Fantasy…and when it’s warm out I really love Maui Fantasy!

What is your favorite Britney Spears song? 

Girl in the Mirror will always be my original favorite…but Slumber Party is a close second!

What is your favorite unreleased Britney Spears song? 

I can’t pick just one!  Sugarfall, Am I a Sinner and State of Grace

 What is your favorite photoshoot? 

I loved the Rolling Stone shoot from 1999!  I also adored all of the Oops Era photos.

Have you ever met Britney before, if so explain what you said to her!

I have met Britney 5 times at Piece of Me.  The first time I thanked her for everything she has done and for inspiring me to be a better person every day.  The next few times it was briefer but mostly me thanking her again for being such a huge inspiration and that I love her… but on my fourth meet, she did say “it’s nice to see you again” and I almost died.

What do you admire about Britney?

The obvious…she’s beautiful and amazingly talented…but as we all know Britney went through a rough patch and actually came back Stronger than Yesterday.  How can you not admire her?!

 What is your favorite Britney TV moment? 

The VMAs with Banana.  I still don’t think I am over that.  It was so unexpected and such a badass iconic moment.

Favorite Britney Quote? 

“You’ll never see things my way…you’re not me.”

 Why do you love Britney Spears?

She was always the big sister I didn’t watching her grow up and go through stuff was inspiring to me. The older I got, the more I could relate to her.  I went through a rough time around the same time Britney was…some of the same issues actually, but fortunately I got to experience mine in private.  She was so relatable, and so strong.  When she returned in Circus and it was like that rough era had never happened, I cried because she was seriously Stronger than Yesterday and nobody was going to keep her down.  There are no words for what she means to me.  When I see her smile…it is like the world is okay.  Her smile means everything!  (I sent a picture of me crying from Piece of Me…seeing her so happy and doing so well made me cry happy tears at POM and my husband took pics and laughed at me!) 

 Favorite song off “Glory”? 

Slumber party!!  I could listen to it on repeat forever.. and the music video is so amazing!!!

Has Britney helped or inspired you in your life?

Yes, of course.  Sometimes, using her as motivation, is the only reason I get out of bed.  She has also made me realize that it is ok to be me, unapologetically.  Not everyone will like me, but tough! 

  Are you seeing Britney’s “Piece Of Me” tour? 

Yes!  I am seeing the show July 20th in Atlantic City.  My husband surprised me and said I can buy tickets from StubHub for a second show too!  Haven’t decided if I want to do another in Atlantic City or hit another city yet.  

Favorite memory Britney has done in her career that you loved?

 There’s so many…but I’ll never forget her descending from the ceiling in that ball for the circus tour.  I cried so hard! 

Anything you would want to tell Britney if she was reading this? 

Never change, thank you for being my inspiration and always reminding me that it’s ok to be me!  Thank you for having the best fan army ever!  I have met some of the most amazing people because of our mutual love for you!

Thank you Crystal for being a flawless fan and being our fan feature! You can also follow Crystal’s flawless facebook group called Britney’s Bitches! 

We will be on the lookout for more Britney Army fan features! We still have a couple of more coming soon and will be looking for new fans to feature.