Britney Spears acknowledges Christopher Metsker passing #BritneyArmyLovesChristopher

It has been a very sad week for the Britney Army with the lost of Britney Army member, Christopher Metsker. Christopher has been battling with; heart issues, a lung defect, pneumonia, was in several comas and has had a cardiac arrest. Tara, Christopher’s mother and friends reached out to the Absolute Britney Team to see if Britney can come visit him before he takes his last breath. Unfortunately Christopher passed on Wednesday, March 28th. Britney Spears tweeted about Christopher’s passing yesterday.

Christopher’s mother, Tara, said this really put a smile on her face and their families.  She also told the Absolute Britney team that “I know Chris was smiling down and dancing to Gimme More, when he saw me reading this tweet from Britney”. 

You can read Christopher’s Journey by clicking here. The family also set up a go fund me page if anyone wishes to donate money to the family, by clicking here. We are always here for you Tara and we love Christopher very much!!!