Britney-Galaxy’s #MakeMe revised Sunday schedule! @britneyspears @hannahspears

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Britney Army!!

We made some changes for Day Two of our BG “Make Me” weekend schedule! Check out the REVISED Sunday schedule below:

Day Two:

Sunday, July 17th

10:00 PST: “Make Me” stream hour

During 10:00-11:00 PST we will be streaming Britney’s single “Make Me” on all media platforms (Youtube, Spotify ,Vevo) and screenshot you streaming by using the hashtag #MakeMe

11:00 PST: Create “Make Me” flyers! 

During 11:00-12:00 PST  fans will create “Make Me” flyers and post them all over their social media accounts by using the hashtag #MakeMe and #BuyMakeMeOniTunes Example:

make me 1

NOTE: ^This task can happen throughout the WHOLE day! 

12:00 PST: “#BuyMakeMeOniTunes Trend hour

From 12:00-1:00 PST we will be trending “BuyMakeMeOniTunes” on twitter using the hashtag #MakeMe! You can also promote gifting the song to ANYBODY as well!

1:00 PST: What Makes You (Oooh)??

During 1:00-2:00 PST fans will tweet something that Makes them (Oooh), it can be ANYTHING that attracts you or gives you something to “Oooh” about! Be sure to use the hashtag #MakeMe

2:00 PST: The ultimate fan promotion for “Make Me”!

 This is your time to shine fans! Record videos of yourself promoting Britney’s new single #MakeMe . It could be anything you want, walking down the street, blasting the song in your car, going up to strangers, posting signs, ANYTHING you want! You can post this on all social media platforms as well! This will begin from 2:00 PST- 4:00 PST.

4:00 PST: Requesting “Make Me” on radio stations

The rest of the evening the Britney Army will be requesting Make Me on all your popular radio stations! has set up a thread if you need help on choosing any radio stations or putting a request in.

 We will be having a “Make Me” cover art contest that will be staring Saturday (Tomorrow), July 16th. Whoever can make the best “Make Me” cover art will receive a very special prize from The cover art must be tweeted to Britney-Galaxy by using the hashtag #MakeMe. The deadline is Monday, July 18th.