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Jul 15, 2017

RCA Records Exec Joe Riccitelli Talks About Britney Spears!


RCA Records GM/Executive VP Promotion Joe Riccitelli has recently talked about Britney Spears in a podcast with Billboard! The hard working and talented Joe Riccitelli talked about how Britney’s 5th studio album “Blackout” changed the game and the impact it had on music!

Check out what he had to say here:

Billboard: “Britney Spears? New music from Britney?”

Joe Riccitelli: “I don’t think at the moment. I think that she’s going to focus on wrapping up her Vegas residency and I think she actually wants to figure out what her next moves are; but it’s always great to work with Britney. She’s amazing and we were just talking about Blackout recently; I was talking to Larry Rudolph about Blackout and how that album really did change the game for her and for a lot of people and it wasn’t something that I think that we were really expecting at that moment in time and it was an album that, ultimately when you go back and look at it, gained momentum as we went along and really built her up and really took her to her next phase in her life”.

Very exciting; Can’t wait for#B10! We sure hope it’ll be a game changer! 😉

This might also explain Danja’s recent Instagram post!


Imagine a hard hitting single like Gimme More as the lead single of B10? That would slay the entire world and radio!

Source: Billboard

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