Celebrating 12 Years Of Outrageous – Britney Spears – With Interesting Facts

Today we celebrate 12 years of Britney’s ‘Outrageous’ single!

Outrageous is by far one of the most mysterious and interesting moments of Britney’s music career. Although this video (which was directed by Dave Meyers in early June 2004) was never finished due to Britney’s knee injury (a clip of it appears on the “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” DVD), there was a change made to the concept before parts of it were shot: “The pop princess is about to film a video for her new single, Outrageous, which will be used as part of the soundtrack for Berry’s new film ‘Catwoman.’ Video director Dave Mayers wanted Britney to don a replica ‘Catwoman’ outfit but the star was having none of it.”

The video was cancelled due to a knee injury which would prohibit Britney from dancing and completing the video: “ET has learned that BRITNEY SPEARS was rushed to the hospital and underwent arthroscopic surgery after injuring her knee while filming her latest music video, “Outrageous,” the official song from the ‘Catwoman’ movie. According to a Jive Records spokesperson, Britney had just completed a dance routine with SNOOP DOGG under the L train line on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, N.Y., when her knee gave out and she went crashing to the ground. After reportedly telling those around her she couldn’t get up, her bodyguard carried her to a waiting car. Britney’s spokesperson confirmed that Britney was hurt, saying the surgery was needed after an MRI showed she had “floating cartilage.” Britney is in the middle of a concert tour and it’s unclear how the injury will affect her ability to perform on the road.”  (Originally from et.tv.yahoo.com) / June 9, 2004] ….

“Similar injuries have long plagued Britney, who had to postpone her “Sometimes” video shoot after twisting her knee back in 1999. In March of this year, she was forced to cancel two concerts because of her knee.” [June 10, 2004 ]. It should also be noted that Britney injured her knee during the Onyx Hotel Tour and had to reschedule one show in March 2004 due to the injury – her knee, which was already damaged from an injury years before, most likely did not completely heal from this injury at the time (which is why she needed time off to heal her knee when it was injured again in June 2004, which caused the remaining video shoot to be cancelled).

In an interview with a Britney fan site, Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph stated on June 22, 2004 that he was “working on something” for the video to be released with the scenes that were shot before Britney’s knee injury on the video set . During another interview a month later, he said “Britney shot very little usable footage (only one scene) before her knee injury. There was no way of editing that footage to make a video. This is completely out of our hands.” With this being said a lot of the footage that was clearly shot (Including a trench coat and underwear scene) never made the light of day.

The video was to include at least three scenes – Britney doing choreography in a black trench coat, Britney on a basketball court with rapper Snoop Dogg, and Britney dancing on a wet street at night (part of these scenes can all be seen on the clip of the video that’s on the “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” DVD). There was also a rumour that ‘Catwoman’ would appear in the ending of the video due to the song being planned for use on the “Catwoman” movie’s soundtrack at the time.

E! News apparently said: “Britney Spears did not want to do the music video. She was just coming from Europe; she was very tired. But she had a contractual obligation because it’s for the movie, ‘Catwoman.’ The video, the whole plot of it was Britney Spears was being mugged in New York and Catwoman comes to the rescue.” The concept idea changed as Britney strongly disliked it. Rumours also surfaced that Britney wanted to release ‘Breathe On Me’ first and a video had already been shot before plans rolled out, in order for ‘Outrageous’ to coincide with the ‘Catwoman’ movie release. This was also never confirmed or denied by Britney’s team.

The music video was originally planned to be premiere on MTV on June 28, 2004. There was also a long running rumor that the knee injury was faked by Britney to get out of filming and the remainder of her tour to focus on her marriage to Kevin Federline. These rumor’s were proven false and Britney had already been suffering a knee injury for quite some time and there was a planned surgery booked for after her tour.

Britney wears a cap in the video directed at the Paparazzi ‘F.I.B.S’ meaning, Frequently Incorrect and Biased Statements. Britney also wears a cap with the same logo in her ‘Do Somethin” music video.

A few fans asked Dave Myers about the video to see if there was enough footage to create a longer, more detailed video and a few strange things came out of this. Claims were made that the TV scene was never filmed (the one with the trench coat and the underwear), which seemed a bit odd as there were pictures from those scenes. Snoop Dogg also never recorded vocals for ‘Outrageous.’ Apparently he was just there for the ‘cool’ factor and the video did not have enough footage for any type of completed video. Read more about this HERE. Snoop Dogg also confirmed in an interview that he had never recorded with Britney – however he would really love to. The single was also rumoured to be a remixed version – as opposed to the album original. It is still wildely believed that the remixed version was similar to the Junkie XL version on Britney’s GH: My Prerogative album.

Here is a video showing the moment It all happened… oh the pain!

Sad times! This single would have been a monster hit and the video looked flawless. Celebrate the single with us by watching the (unfinished) music video below..

There is very little we would not do to see more footage from this flawless video! Let’s hope some extra footage gets released on Britney’s 20th Anniversary DVD… Happy Birthday Outrageous!!