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Nov 26, 2015

Dear @britneyspears your fans are VERY thankful for you this year! #ThanksGiving


Dear Britney Spears,

On this thanksgiving day members from Britney-Galaxy.com and Britney Addicts would like to mention one thing we are thankful for because of you:

Anthony: I am thankful for Britney just always inspiring me to do more great things for Britney-Galaxy, Britney Addicts and just the entire Britney Army. She means the world to me and I always want to make her smile when she reads Britney-Galaxy.com

Laura Antonellie Z: Im thankful for Baby One more time for making the Legendary Miss Britney Spears. For her helping me getting through some rough times. Just seeing her and hearing her. Makes you want to dream big.

Hannibal Sanchez: I’m thankful for everything Britney has done.

Derek Amato: I’m thankful for Jamie and Lynne Spears for bringing our Britney Jean into the world. heart emoticon

Bree Ostmann: I’m thankful for Britney always being herself & being the loving person she is & showing us that we can get through all our struggles

Janessa States: I am so thankful Britney made it through 2007 and came out of it a stronger person

Monica Christine Tindslett: I’m thankfull for beeing in this group. I feel so blessed. Love all the warm and positive posts about our dearest Britney Spears and all the amazing, inspiring and positive people one get to know with. I love to wake up everyday and log into my fb and then go to this group! I’m REALLY thankfull for everyting in life. And i would like to thank the creator of this group and Britney Spears for the strengt she gave me. And her loved one’s who helped her threw rough times.

Alyse Hampton: I’m thankful she came onto the scene just as I was becoming a teenager. She made growing up a lot more bearable! Brit is a perfect example of someone that’s not perfect but learns from her mistakes and comes “out from under” a much “stronger” person because of it.

Leesha Campbell: I’m beyond thankful for Britney because she inspires me everyday. Whether she’s showing me how to be “Stronger than yesterday” or teaching me to just be myself without caring what others say. Britney has saved my life in more way than one! I love her! I’m also thankful for this amazing group of people that I’ve grown to love!! This place is my outlet. My safe place where I can share my love for Brit without feeling like I’m being judged!! I’m thankful for Cristi for striking up a conversation with me in another Britney group and adding me to this group when she first made it!!

David Bauti: I’m thankful becase I met awesome people because of her!

Nigel May: Thankful for 2015ney getting her confidence on point and showing us you can always grow and achieve more!

Krista Kohr: Im thankful for britney because with out her in my life i probably wouldn’t of made it past alot of hard times in my life.

Will Rufo: I’m thankful for Britney being so inspiring and getting be through tough times! Also, of course for the best day ever!

Alexandra Alvarez: I’m thankful for each and every one of my Britney addicts! Love y’all !!

Stephanie Sage: Im thankful for britneys courage during rough times which his made me stronger and able to get over my obstacles.

Joey Fleck: I’m thankful for overcoming cancer, that’s right… I have leukemia. AML to be exact. But today this year, I’m 100% CANCER FREE. I’ve battled addiction and bettered my job by turning it into a career. Her music got me through it.

Cristi Packard: I’m thankful that Britney inspired me to create this group in her image, to bond together hundreds of fans in a positive way. This group means everything to me.

Damian Spears: I’m so thankful for having Britney in my life after more than 16 years!!! Going to Vegas was just a dream because the Princess puts a good show on!!!

Justin Coleman: I’m thankful for this group it has brought some good friends into my life and helps me keep up to date with everything Britney smile emoticon

Ron Francis Scoza: Thankful for Britney giving us the best music to dance to. Anywhere, anytime and any day!!!! Especially Slave!!!

Dallas Gaston: I’m thankful to work with such amazing admins! Especially Robbie for doing this giveaway. We have a great group of admins and members. Love you ADDICTS!

Lindsey Bartsch: So hard to pick one thing! Today I’d like to say I’m grateful for Lynne and Jaime Spears. Without them we’d have no Britney!!! They have been wonderful parents loving and supporting our girl through the good and bad times. With their love and support she is back on top, happy and healthy. All of our lives are richer because of this wonderful couple. #Thankful

Jennifer Burt: I’m thankful for Britney because she has been such an inspiration to me for so long. Her infectious personality, her music, her dancing… I also just want to say thanks to Britney (and Cristi of course) for this group. We can all share our love and passion for Britney, and our own inspiring stories (and secrets) and feel no shame because no one is here to bash or judge because we’re all in the same boat and how we feel about her. And the love we have for her no one outside of here (especially even people close to us) can understand.

Ben DeShon: I am thankful that Britney has had such an incredibly positive impact on our world, so much so, that she has given all of us in this group a connection we would not have found otherwise. I love this group so much & all the amazing posts everyone shares! I almost want to unfollow everyone else I know just to make certain I don’t miss any of your guys’s Britney posts! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

John Mason: I am thankful for the fact that we have a real, down to earth angel in our life! She is realistic had mistakes and risen above them! She will forever be my idol and inspiration!

Jake Christian: I’m thankful for Larry

Harold Isasis: I’m thankful cause Britney’s music has been with me basically all my life, through my good and bad days. I feel like I could have never went through without her. Thanks to her I’ve met so many grea people (including my 3 year actual boyfriend, which I met trying to get some DVD I was missing in my collection LOL) so yes, I have so many thing to be thankful Britney for!

Rey Rodriguez: I’m thankful for Britney’s heart!

Gary Harper-Price: I am thankful that Britney can change a bad day into good with her AMAZING music impact and thankful to meet her & Larry & Fe

Kevin Michael Tinianov: I’m thankful for Britney never giving up. She’s shown that you can always get through the toughest times and come out on top. Art and performance are my therapy too, and I’m thankful to have someone like Britney to look up to and remind me that I’m not alone (not alone not alone)

Levi Dixon: I’m thankful because Britney has helped me through some really tough times in my life with her music. I was at what I thought was rock bottom one time, walking home from work I was about to lose everything that I worked so hard to accomplish, and I was going to step in front of an on coming truck. But in my head I thought about my family, and her song Stronger. So I stepped back up on the sidewalk, played that song, turned the volume up and walked my happy ass back to my apartment. And now I’m in a much better place, I couldn’t be happier with my life. And I’m just really thankful for Britney being a major part in it. And just like Jennifer said, I’m also thankful for this amazing group! I love how positive everyone is all the time, I feel like we are just one big happy family, even though I haven’t ever met any of you (YET!) Lol. So thank you guys! You are all amazing people heart emoticon Happy Thanksgiving yall!

Carlos Mireles: I’m thankful for Britney and the BArmy family also thankful for the endless Starbucks drinks that keeps our lovely Brit going

Mattie Mattel: I’m thankful for such a wonderful woman to be our idol!

Nancy S. Valdez: I’m thankful I got to spent with my husband the yrs God allowed me to…Happy Thanksgiving in heaven Boo Bear…I love and miss you!!

Flóra Varga: I’m thankful for Britney being my only idol since childhood, her music is my favourite since 15 years, she taught me to never give up, fight like a karate kid wink emoticon

Caleb Ripley: I am thankful for my meet and greet experience. She was so nice and sweet. She told she liked my earrings and gave me a hug. Something I’ve wanted since I was 3 and I am so thankful it happened. Not to mention my amazing picture! She’s so perfect.

Tammy Robinson: I’m thankful that Britney Spears chose the career for herself as a pop singer. She’s my idol. I’m 47 years old. I’ve been on home oxygen since 2013. I have double lung cancer. Britney and her music inspires me to live every day.I lost both breasts from breast cancer in 2004. Her music inspires me this is why I’m thankful for Britney Spears. My health is poor I’m a huge Britney fan I’ve been her fan since 1997. I’ve not gotten to go to her concerts I’d love to go but my health and I financially can’t afford to either. I love you Britney I’m thankful that Britney has a beautiful soul, she helps a lot of people too. #1 fan…I love you Britney Spears.

Patricia Baldwin: I’m thankful for Britney being the woman she is today, she always keeps moving forward and staying strong in life I look up to her, but do understand there were the days where things got her down but look now she’s on top! She’s really dedicated to her work because of US!!! The one and only true BritneyArmy fans! Obviously besides her children and family who have helped her along this journey to be who she is…and for Britney I am also thankful for all the BArmy fans to come to a place and be able to show our love for a woman who means a lot to us! Thank you to everyone who’s supported Brit since day one you all are so amazing!

Emily Vontom: I’m thankful for @britneyspears’ heart!

Robbie Csernyik: I’m thankful for Britney’s angelic voice, beautiful personality & huge heart and that her true fans are mirroring it and spreading her love all around

Faith Bigbritfan Nichole: I’m thankful for Britney showing me that no matter how many mistakes you make, you are always given the chance to bounce right back & do even bigger things than you’ve done before the mistakes! I’ve also lived the last couple of years reading this quote: “It’s weird like, you can see the cruelest part of the world. The cruelest part. But then on the other side you see the most beautiful part, do you know? And it’s like you go from one extreme to the next and they’re both worth it, because you wouldn’t see one without the other. But that cruel part, is damn cruel and you’ll never forget it. But that heaven…is heaven.” and reminding myself that not everyone is as blessed as others and we should do everything in our power to appreciate what we do have & what we can do to give to those who arn’t as blessed. Because everyone deserves to see the beauty in life!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Nicole: I’m thankful for Britney’s excellent dance moves and being herself

Nick Will: Im thankful she recorded “stronger” that song has been my source of courage and strength since I was a kid

Helen Hristova: I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met through my love for Britney and that I get to call them family!Her existence is just the best thing!

Roald Craighton: I’m thankful for Lynn and Jamie for having the most beautiful daughter in the world and of course thankful for Britney for helping me through tough times

Natalie Spears: I’m thankful for Britney who would i be with out her, Music, Ice cream wink emoticon.Family,

Nicole Cromer: I’m thankful that Britney has always been such an incredible inspiration. As we all know, she’s been through a lot in her personal life and her career, but she’s never let any of it stop her. Many people, who have gone through far less, haven’t been able to turn things around half as well as she’s been able to. And, I find her ability to overcome adversity to be truly inspiring. She simply refuses to let anything hold her back. And, it’s one of the main reasons why I love her.

Brynn Smith: Thankful for her no Fucks attitude ♡

Christopher Ryan: I am thankful for Britney because she taught me how to be so strong the year 2000 I became very sick and with listening to her music and being her fan she helped me through all this I learned to walk again to her music she truly to this day has helped me thro and I’m so thankful for her

Orly Ostfeld: Thank that you’re alive and I know who you are, you made me fall in love with you! Thank you smile emoticon

Sarah Ann Olexiuk: Thankful for my friends, family, & Britney Spears, her music has helped me through life when i was in a dark place. Made me a stronger person & to go through life like a karate kid.

Mheryl Jean Fernandez :Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!
I’m thankful and grateful for Britney for being my inspiration… such a beautiful heart and soul.







The Britney-Army

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