Johnny Wright Calls ‘Bullshit’ On New Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic!

johnn 2

Britney’s former manager, Johnny Wright, has given a big thumbs down to the upcoming Lifetime biopic that is set to portray Spears’ hectic life in the limelight. This comes as no surprise to longtime fans as they themselves do not support the biopic either. Johnny says to X17

I don’t like the movie because… nobody associated with Britney has any involvement in it. It’s just gonna be a sensationalized story. They’re not going to talk about the heart of Britney. They’re not going to talk about what she went through. They’re not going to talk about the sacrifices these kids have to go through as teenagers to do what they do… it’s gonna be a whole bunch of bullshit.

We could not agree with you anymore Johnny and we are so happy you said the truth on how everyone feels! Check out the full video below and while you are at it be sure to sign BG petition to stop the unauthorized Lifetime Biopic, click here to sign.