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Nov 30, 2015



The love between Adele and Brit has always been prominent – but these 2 girls are literally fan gurl-ing over each other now! Britney posted this epic dance snippet to Adele’s Hello this week on Twitter:

Hello…. It’s B! Slaying those dance moves as if it was 2004 and we are loving it. We also got some sad news this week – that Adele has taken over Britney’s 15 year old record and now holds the title of the highest first week sales in the UK. But Adele, being the absolute super stan that she is, did not let that go to her head – check out her response from a recent interview.

Our hearts have literally melted. What a stan!! Adele – when are you visiting B in Vegas? This needs to happen and we need pics!

Whilst we are on the topic of Brit and her flawless dancing – here is another video of a class that we wish we were a part of…

… and one reminding us that Baby One More Timeney still exists…

If anything needs to be added to Vegas… it is this!


Okay maybe that headline is a little OTT – but how the hell are we supposed to stay calm when the official Britney Spears website lists us as their number 1 Britney Fan Site!!! Go check it out!! And it was all due to this super awesome #PCAS voting hour:

We mean – we knew we were her number one fan site already – as no one can love Brit more than us – but to actually be a part of the site has us uber excited!! We will calm down now – we promise…. Make sure you vote for Britney – you know she deserves to win this!!


Our favourite ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back! And we kick this week off with none other than this flawless pic from November 29th of Brit leaving recording studio:

#B9 is shaping up y’all! We cannot wait to hear what flawless tracks Queen B has been brewing! As this is once again our only sighting – Queen B has heard our cries and decided to help us out (yet again!) with a sneaky snap…

We would just like to mention B, that you do not have a big forehead! Like – we have some seven heads running around the HQ’s here – so you have NOTHING to worry about…. Looking fly!


Nothing excites us more than seeing Brit send her hard-core stans a letter of appreciation… but this one has honestly pulled at out heart strings. Get the tissues ready..

We are so sorry to hear about your loss – and just like Britney – the fan base is here for you! Sending you all the hugs possible!


As if you did not know this already – but Forbes decided that this week was a week to state the obvious… Britney Spears is a game changer. For centuries, a Vegas residency was the home of a retired artist – but as for Britney, who is well known for changing the music industry has made Vegas a home for the current legends – who are capable of packing out a venue week after week… Here is what they had to say:

Superstar residencies in Las Vegas are certainly nothing new, but that doesn’t mean the industry isn’t changing. In fact, the idea of what a musical residency in Sin City has been turned on its head, and the medium is experiencing something of a renaissance, and it’s all thanks to Britney Spears.

Before Britney and her Piece Of Me show came along, a Las Vegas residency was typically reserved for those performers whose time in the spotlight had all but passed. It was not for singers and bands who are still in their prime, but rather it was the perfect next step for the kind of star that the world still respects, but for whom the spotlight had moved on from. There is still room for those legacy acts, but the times they are a changing, and a new audience is headed to Vegas for entirely different shows.

Spears is perhaps not in her “prime”, but she is still recording and releasing music that has a very good chance of performing well sales-wise and on the charts, whereas artists like Elton John or Celine Dion (to provide just two examples) may still create new music, but it’s unlikely that any of their new material will appear on top 40 radio. In the two-plus years since Britney began her Piece Of Me show, she has proven that it won’t stop her from her regular release schedule. In fact, her residency kicked off just weeks after her most recent album, Britney Jean, hit store shelves, and since then she unleashed new single “Pretty Girls”. While none of the songs she’s launched since taking up in Vegas have become big hits (“Girls” barely cracked the top 40, while another single, “Perfume”, missed it entirely), it’s hard to argue that people didn’t pay attention, or that she’s “done”.

Though Britney makes several hundred thousand dollars per night, it is apparently still a moneymaker for the venue, and she just recently renewed for another two years. Now that the experiment has been proven successful, other singers and venues are jumping on board with the trend. Mariah Carey recently kicked off her tenure, while Jennifer Lopez begins hers shortly.

With just one pop star, the connotation connected to having a Las Vegas residency has been completely changed, and now it’s a cool thing that all the biggest names in music want. They are able to see the value in signing on to do them, and they no longer need to worry about what it will do to their image. It will be interesting to see who becomes the next current superstar to head to Las Vegas and set up shop.

The list of achievements is never ending… when will your faves? Talking faves – our fave sis Ellen has done it again and made a boy’s wish come true..

Gavin – we hope you had a blast meeting Britney – you deserve it!! We do not like to admit it – but we are super jealous of your epic meet and greet photo – keep this one framed!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and boy are we feeling festive. Only 25 more sleeps till Britmas y’all, we hope you have all been good to Jamie-Claus, ’cause those Britters pressies better be epic!! Check how Britney chose to celebrate Thanksgiving and kick off the festive season:

Universal studios again?? Can we just be adopted already? The best mom – like eva!

That is all for this week y’all – nip off to the Britney store and purchase these epic Britmas Jumpers asap! We expect to see every Barmy member wearing one! Take a photo Bitch! Card it! Mail it! We want a collection on top of our fire place… please and thank you!