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Jun 28, 2015


Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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Current Mood: Huh? What just happened? Sound familiar? You are not alone… Let’s start from the beginning.

Charlie seemed to be missing in recent news, which had the Britney Army wondering if something was wrong..  Could they have split? It could not be, right? Charlney look so happy together, like, it just works.. Then all of a sudden – Britney posts this pic on Twitter with a caption, ‘So nice to be home, nothing like Louisiana boys’

Okay, so Britney is having a great holiday, catching some rays and chillin’ with some friends she knows right? Should we read more into this? Probably not… Then, all of a sudden Britney ‘moons’ us… No not like that type of moon… she was showing us pictures of some awesome and beautiful moons’

Ok, inspector gadget, yes a new moon, a new beginning, link the 2 together and something is a little fishy here… We will just have to wait and see… Oh there it is Britney has just deleted all of her pictures with Charlie on Instagram.. That is sure to get the media going.. Yup, 0.2 seconds and there goes the first article.. ‘Britney and Charlie have split’… WHAT?? NOOO! We hear you, but if we have learned anything as the Britney army, you just need to wait and see…

All of a sudden, journo’s did as journo’s do and created a dramatic false story, linking Britney’s Twitter post to the split – now all of a sudden Britney has moved on and is dating Harris Beall (random picture guy). Beall did not really help with the false accusations by posting this:

But nope – as we always do – we were not having any of it and called BS! Britney-Galaxy very quickly did our research and followed with the TRUTH!

Beall told Access Hollywood exclusively it was nothing more than a Louisiana dockside connection. The deckhand at The Prop Stop in Ponchatoula, LA, told Access he met the pop star when she, her sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears, and Jamie Lynn’s husband (Jamie Watson) came by his work for burgers.

Beall said he ran into the star again when he was on the dock on Sunday.

“Later that day, I was walking down the dock and Britney said, ‘Can I take a picture with you?’ because she liked my shirt.”

Beall said he said yes to the snap, “like anyone else would.”

“I’m a typical college football player,” he told Access Hollywood. “I work at a bar down by the river and was asked to take a picture with Britney Spears [on Sunday].”

“Britney and I are not affiliated with each other at all,” he added.

Of his instant fame, Beall told Access, “I think the whole thing is funny.”

Beall Tweeted on Monday afternoon, “Oops, I think I’m in love,” but he clarified that his Tweet was just a humorous post.

“I was just joking,” he said.

So there… We knew something was wrong… Congratulations on your 15 seconds of fame Beall.. But Beall did not stop there and appreciate how blessed he was to be in the presence of the Queen, and turned into a complete Neanderthal and milked the best thing that happened in his life, by posting silly tweets like this..

Sorry Beall – just not funny – neither are your re tweets… You tried though.. should have just taken your 15 seconds of fame as the best moment of your life and moved on.. just gone and messed that all up..

Back to something more important… Charlie.. Although the details on the split have not been revealed just yet, we cannot help to feel really sad about this split.. especially after this Instagram post…


There go the heart strings… seems like the split was not a nasty one… and Charlie is really heartbroken about this..  Awww.. We hope Britney and Charlie are OK.

Britney – your fans are here to support you all the way.. if you need someone to eat heaps of ice-cream with – stop by at the HQ we stock up daily… Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough anyone….?

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When we fell in love…. No, not us – that is just the song lyrics.. awkward.. This week Britney Galaxy exclusives slammed the BRI-nternet with never before seen pics of the Michael Jackson and Britney Spears rehearsals!

But just one would not be fair right? So we gave you another!

Just look at that perfection! This is just  the best duet performance the world has ever witnessed! No – that is not debate-able! Relive the moment, you will love the way it makes you feel:

The goosebumps are strong with this one..

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Another week another win. Not being funny here, but when will your faves. Britney trumped every other female celebrity as the top most active and edited Wiki pages in history. Only 3 singers made the top 30!

MJ, Britney and the Beatles.. sounds about right… The power – bow down bitches..

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It is here y’all – the Britney Spears Intimate Fantasy Spritz commercial:

Although most of the commercial we have already seen in previous Intimate commercials – placing these all together for the Fantasy range just works so well. Make sure to get your bottle ready and spray your intimate bits… ummm.. no wait.. make your bits smell intimate… that does not sound right either.. smell intimate… let’s just leave it at that…Make sure to get your bottle – out now!

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Time to cut the cake! This week we celebrate iconic moments in the pop industry:

I Wanna Go music video was released 4 years ago this week:

Radar turns 6!

Everytime hit the top of the UK charts 11 years ago this week:

What a SLAYING week! But.. we have more. You know us, we are always slaying you with exclusives. Check out these Throwback photo shoots – never before seen shots:

HAWWTT! How is that for a week of Throwback-ney? You can thank us later..

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What better way to surprise a Britney fan for their birthday other than to do a ‘flashmob’ style performance of Britney hits. Check out the video:

A few lost Slave dance moves – but brilliant none the less. Looks like fun… We might just start one in our office buildings here at HQ – see what our neighbors have to say about it…

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An epic week for Britney music – here is a breakdown of milestones reached this week.

Pretty Girls marks Britney Spears’ 30th Top 40 UK hit!

Pretty Girls reaches 500 000 likes on Youtube!! It is also the 5th most popular video this week.

Tom’s Diner debut’s at #14 on the Billboard Electronic dance chart!

Pretty Girls is in the final round of the Ryan Seacrest song of the summer poll!

Pretty Girls is Billboards greatest gainer of the week!

AND… Do not forget to vote for Britney and Iggy in the mid-year readers’ poll! This one is gonna be another win!

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Now this is a true artist! Support your local talent! YESS! We hear ya Brit – to see a celeb as famous as Britney support the local talent is just epic! Check out the hoodie Britney wore at the New Orleans airport:

SLAY – where do we get one! And you heard Brit – support your local talent – keep music alive!

Talking about airports, where was Britney headed? Well Malibu, of course. Look at these epic pics Brit posted on Britter this week!

Aww – glad to see Brit is spending some Quality time with her FAM! We see a new boy band forming though…  Brit also took to Instagram to share a very important messages with us:

Damn right! Preach it sista! No idiot is going to ruin our stride! As for making yesterday jealous, it looks like Britney is in the running to host the next Superbowl again!! YUP – you heard right. Rumour has it that Britney and Taylor are the main 2 being considered at present, it is all a matter of who agrees to take it on first..

How’s about we make things simple here.. why not increase the performance time at the Half Time show – and have them both… now that would be epic!

That is all for this week y’all! We will leave you with this brilliant video of The Gay Men’s Chorus Of Los Angeles. With the great news for gay marriage this week – we are sure you agree that this is a pretty fitting video!

See ya next week!

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