Britney Galaxy’s Top 15 Britney Spears Duets – The Performances

Last week we took a major risk and listed our top 30 Britney Spears duets… some agreed, some were outraged… and we are just about to take the risk again with our version of the Top 15 Britney duet performances!

Now – remember – this is completely just our opinion here at HQ and you may not agree, so we want you to tell us what your chart would look like and what you would change. Would you add other performances, would you get rid of our choices? Or would you just not change a thing?

We know that making a Britney list is dangerous territory, but we are risk takers, what can we say..

15. Britney and Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera – Mickey Mouse Club

Although this one is super cute – Britney hardly features so it was only inevitable that it would make the lower end of our charts. That does not make it less iconic though. Say what you want, the Mickey Mouse Club was pure perfection.

14. Britney and Nicki Minaj @ The Femme Fatale Tour

This is one of 2 Femme Fatale Tour entries for Britney and Nicki. For those of you lucky enough to attend the concerts that included the super fly Minaj – you got to see this masterpiece of a performance. Lucky sods! Sorry Europe – you were not so lucky! Actually wait – you saw Britney live – anything more is just an added bonus.

13. Britney and Nikki Minaj – The Femme Fetale Tour – 2nd entry

Do not ask us why – but this one is just the better performance – the energy was just on point… it may also have something to do with the quality of the footage.. either way, this performance slays – and we are super jealous we were not there to witness this pure perfection in the flesh…

12. Britney and Nicki Minaj – Billboard Music Awards

This performance was a super surprise for every Britney fan. Sure there was talk that Britney would make an appearance – but you know, you need to see it to believe it. Seeing Britney on Stage with Nicki strutting her stuff, slayed lives. When will ‘dem other fried chickens…?

11. Britney and Madonna – Human Nature

Any performance with these 2 pop icons will forever remain legendary. Not only did Britney feature in the Human Nature Tour video for the entire ‘Sticky And Sweet Tour’ (which may we add was one of the most flawless videos ever created) but some lucky fans got to see this one off Britney and Madonna duet!! Oh the money we would have paid to be there!! It’s Britney Bitch… she is not your bitch! Mash ups do not get more perfect than this!

10. Britney and Iggy – Billboard Music Awards

That outfit, those moves, that body! The 4 year wait for a televised performance was totally worth it. Iggy and Britney just totally slayed it!! These 2 on stage together – electrifying!! If this is anything close to how Pretty Girls will look when B brings it to Vegas – we are totally in!!

 9. Britney and the Ying Yang Twins – ABC Special 

This song should have been a single – actually the entire In The Zone album is single worthy. This performance slays! There is just not much else to say.. We could easily watch this performance on repeat for hours. ITZney – you are perfect – that is all.

8. Britney and Rihanna – S and M

A collaboration made for the God’s. This Billboard Awards show was by far one of the best surprises, like ever! Not only did we have the Nicki Minaj performance that night, but this Rihanna collab happened too! Could you ask for a better night? This powerhouse collaboration is iconic and we would definitely be here for another Britney and Rihanna collaboration… please, please, please, let this happen again!

7. Britney and Justin Timberlake – Mickey Mouse Club

If this song did not make the Top 10 – there would be something wrong with the world.. This is possibly one of the cutest videos on the internet… ever! Young love blossoming – awww! For any Justney fans out there, this one is for you! Oh and Britney – THOSE VOCALS!!!

 6. Britney and Aerosmith and N*Sync and Mary J Blige – Superbowl

Rumours are swirling around that Britney will be hosting the next Superbowl and with a performance like this – you can see why they are on the hunt for another Britney headliner! Flawless does not even begin to describe how perfect this performance was! We hope the rumours are true, Superbowlney is just the best!!

5. Britney and Ying Yang twins – TRL

She’s fine, she’s fine – fine enough to blow your mind! This TRL performance is life! One thing though, how the hell did B keep those trousers from slipping off? Pure skill we tell you… pure skill. Britney and the Ying Yang twins completely owned Time Square. We said it before and will say it again – ITZney, we bow down to your flawlessness.

4. Britney and Pharrel – Dream Within A Dream Tour

Way before every artist in the world jumped on the Pharell bandwagon – Britney set the trend. This performance at the fan favourite ‘Dream Within A Dream Tour’ was spot on perfection. Just watch Britney execute those moves – your fave could never!

3. Britney and N*sync – VMA

Nostalgia alert! The first of many iconic MTV VMA performances. In fact – this is the only VMA performance that we remember from this particular year. The intro is just pure genius and the dancing was on point! Britney and N*Sync gave the world a friendly warning that the pop industry will never be the same again…

2. Britney and Madonna and Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott – VMA

The performance that shocked the world and is still the talk of the town 12 years on. Madonna – we have to hand it to you – this performance was pure genius! A performance so iconic – it deserves an award. This also goes to show, a Britney and Christina duet would be pure perfection, their voices blend well – we do not care what anyone says.Make it happen! Just look at the every single persons reaction, they all knew they were witnessing one of the most iconic moments in pop history. Oh and the smug look on Britney, Christina, Missy and Madonna’s faces… priceless – they knew they had just changed the world forever.

1. .Britney and Michael Jackson – 30th Anniversary

How could we not make this iconic performance number 1. Britney Spears and Michael ‘Freaking’ Jackson! We mean come on! Listen to Britney and Michael’s vocals – the way their voices blend together – the way they own the stage and the way they make us feel… Okay – the last line was just cheesy – but how could we not! This is the explosion you get when the Queen Of Pop and the King Of Pop collide…. brace yourself!

What do you think? Tell us what your chart would look like…