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Apr 12, 2015


Admit it – you spell Everytime as one word – only because Britney did when she named the track.. Don’t be ashamed – we all did and still do.. CRINGE ALERT!!

It has been 11 years since the Everytime music video has been released and it is still as heartbreaking to watch today as it was the first time! It does not get more personal than this.


There is so much more to this music video that only the BARMY know and some answers that we are yet to figure out – but one thing is for sure – this song and video will forever be iconic – and if anyone says they do not love this song – they are only lying to themselves..

Also while we are talking about honesty… Everytime pretty much made ‘Spring Breakers’ worth watching – but that is a secret between you and us…

Happy Birthday Everytimeney!