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Apr 12, 2015

PLANET BRITNEY – Your Weekly Britney Fix – Edition 5




If you have ever asked a piece of leopard print material what it would like to be when it grew up, you would know for sure, like most of us already do, that pieces of material cannot talk. But if it could, it would definitely say that it would love to be this flawless 80’s inspired top that Britney wore for the Pretty Girls Music video shoot.


We know – FANGURRRLL ALERT!! Like totally freak right out! The music video is officially in motion and we cannot deal. The social media world went into complete frenzy and it all started off with this simple tweet of Britney rehearsing for her soon to be iconic dance moves for the music video:

But no it did not stop there – no way – it was soon followed by a tweet from Britney showing off her 80’s inspired look in this orange Jeep:


Can we say flawlessney, enough? We mean B looks on point.  Off she went – vrrooom vroom off in her Mercedes Jeep to pick up the one and only IGGY IGGS – giving us full on Romy and Michelle T’s.


80’s overload! Could this be the theme of the new B era? First the Morder track – who is known for his 80’s disco and now this? This is all just a bit girls just want to have fun kind of vibe – and we are loving it.


Notice the earing’s? Could this be a way of Britney returning the homage fave to Katy after the denim on denim affair?

Then this flawless Tweet happened….


Day 2 – confirmed the first tweet – and yes Slayney dance moves are on the way and not just any dance moves…. Britney even went as far as to tweet that they may just be her most fave dance moves yet! Could this be our new slave?


So – the outfit is the same – but the hair is different? Dancing in a car wash? This is all way too much to comprehend!!


Not confused yet? Well this will definitely help – Team Britney then decided to snapchat these random pics…

And then IGGY went all alien on us – is this a way of saying Alien will be the new Radar of era 9? Just kiddin’ – but if it is – you heard it here first. DEAD!


Following in true animal print form – we also got this…


But the finest moment of all? We actually got our first sneaky listen to the track and we LOVE IT! Urbaney is back y’all and we are so very down for this!! Have a listen to the snippet below:


BOBO could not have said it better…


Can it be May 5th already please?

We are ready!

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3 years in a row – you have done it again BARMY! Britney is the undefeated champion of the Celebuzz March Music Madness!

Not that the world needs a reminder – but do not mess with the BARMY – We have been snatchin’ weaves since 99!

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You cannot get more thrown back – than this trip down memory lane! Paris posted a BFF pic this week in celebration of Easter and what better pic to post than the infamous Bunny night out?

We love it Miss Hilton – Totes Flawless! Keep the B throwback pics coming. OH and B to the W – we found out that Paris will be releasing new music on the 5th of May too… A week full of Pretty Girls is on the way everybody…

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Anyone feeling a little Crossroads T’s from these clips? Well we sure do. America’s first Karaoke bar, Dimples, released some footage recently – in celebration of a 33 year run of the famous sing along hot spot. This is following a recent announcement that they will be closing to make way for more condos and apartments… Yeah, we can feel your outrage; I mean how many more iconic spots need to close for apartments?

Lucy, oops we mean Britney, and her friends performed the iconic Music by B’s BFF Madonna and it just seems like Pretty Girls have all the fun!  Dimples hosted many of an A-list night out with the likes of Queen B, Katy Perry and Adam Lambert to name a few. Sad to see you go Dimples! You will be missed!

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Back off Avril! Although you never seem to age – these boys are still waaaaay too young! Just look at these super pros! B shared this epic video on Britter and Britstagram this week..

Go ahead – we know you want to WOOOOO! With Britney. We were super impressed to. Have we got the next skateboarding legends right here? Well – we will just have to wait and see!


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It was all yellow! Well the top that is… Can you get more HOTNEY? I mean seriously, who looks this good stopping out for lunch in a singlet and shorts? She does not even need to try and she looks great. And… did we mention that tan??

Brit topped the outfit off with a key necklace making sure we all remember she has the key to our hearts… OK – did we take the cheese too far there? Thought so….

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This week – we celebrate the anniversary of not only one…


But two red bodysuits..

15 years and 4 years ago – respectively – since the Oops! and TTWE’s videos were released. Talk about an iconic week!

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If you have not read the book already, we have to ask why not? You had 14 years you know…. Remember ‘A Brave New Girl’ Movie? Well – it was based on this book and was co-written by Brit and her super awesome mom Lynne.

The book follows the life of the poorest (monetary)  performing arts student Holly and her mother Wanda (hence the title- Totes LOL). If you have not got this in your collection already, get onto it now!! Definitely worth a read!

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If you wanna hot body – you better… OK – OK – we know – overused to death. But it is true after all – you do not get a body like this if you do not Work Bitch!

B-GURRL was spotted leaving the gym this week – looking as HOTNEY as ever! Seems like the A – cap is a new fave… We still feel like it is a homage to Pretty Little Liars – but that probably has a lot to do with our TV series binge last week – due to so much uncertainty….

Either way – looking HOT B! Notice it is also the same outfit from rehearsals for Pretty Girls? In the end – all of the pieces will fit together you see…

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Could there be a more perfect pairing than this? Bri-hanna-na-na answered all of our prayers with this whips and chains inspired track 4 years ago this week! The only sad thing about this – is that we never got a sexy S&M music video…

If rumours are to be believed – there may be another Bri-hanna track on its way… PUHLEESE let this be true!! Seriously this has us wanting MOOOARR!

Happy Birthday to this flawless number 1 track! We have been listening to the track here at HQ all day – and things got a little out of hand – take it from us – whips and chains are not as exciting as they sound – OUCH!!

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