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Oct 18, 2015



The Vegas slayage continues and Brit is showing no signs of slowing down, not only did Brit bring a new hot hairdo and hot new costumes to the next leg, she even took the time to show your faves how to count to 2!

Blackoutney is back with a vengeance! Looking fierce mama!

The meet and greets are on point!

Not even a wardrobe malfunction will get in the way of a flawless dance execution!

We are not worthy..

Even her iconic phrases are being printed on shirts!

After a month long Break our B is back!

And we could not be more excited!


It is that time of the year again – boy does time fly! We did it last year and we can do it again – get voting to get Brit nominated for this years’ People’s Choice Awards!

Only you can make this happen! So get onto every social networking platform and spread the word!


Our fave ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back – however this week the game proved to be a tough one… only one sighting of Brit looking flawless on the 12th October!

Cuteness overload! Now, time to get the troops out there – 1 sighting just will not do – let’s get the candid’s rollin’ – we need our weekly Brit fix!


Anyone have a spare $7.4 million lying about? Well – if your answer is yes to that… Who are you? And why are you not in every meet and greet pic with Brit already? And you can officially live next door to the queen herself… that is assuming that the houses in her new home town are similarly priced..

Let’s see what TMZ had to say about Brit’s new pad:

If you want to know where Britney Spears’ massive Las Vegas paychecks are going — feast your eyes on the huge estate she just snatched up outside Los Angeles!

Brit closed on the 13,264 sq. ft. palace on Friday, according to our real estate sources, and she got it for an amazing $7.4 million. It’s not often you hear that kinda price called “a steal,” but we’re told that’s how it’s being described in celeb housing circles.

Here’s why — besides the 5 beds and 7.5 baths … Brit’s new crib sits on 20.98 acres, has tennis courts, AND an infinity pool. She can also work on her golf game (if she’s got one), since there’s a 3-hole course on the grounds!

Brit’s becoming a land baron — she already owns another property in the area, but she’s living in a rental right now.

If there’s a downside, it’s the $1,836/month in HOA dues. We suspect Britney will find a way to make ends meet.



Ulf Eckberg of ‘Ace Of Base’ fame has finally broken his silence about the world famous Blackout intended remake, ‘All That She Wants’. It seems our worst fears have been confirmed – the track has no finished version and from what has been completed has been described as ‘very strong’.

Britney Spears Recorded a Cover of ‘All That She Wants’

Martin Dodd, who worked for Danish label Mega Records, bought the band’s contract for a measly $2,000 from a smaller label while Ace of Base was still young. Ekberg doesn’t blame the person who sold the band, but jokes that he made a “small mistake.”

Dodd later left Mega Records and signed Britney Spears. He also worked with the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. When those bands failed to catch on with U.S. consumers, Dodd decided to bring these bands overseas, where Ace of Base had made its mark.

“That’s how all these American bands started coming here,” Ekberg said.

Around 2007 Britney Spears recorded an “All That She Wants” cover because of the Dodd connection.

“They wanted to release it, but that was a difficult time for her,” Ekberg said, alluding to her rough year. “It was only in Denmark, never finished and didn’t end up on her album. It was cool though. She took the choruses, took away the verses and wrote new ones about her mom. It was very strong.”

So many unheard tracks and so many mysteries from that era.. what does one have to do to get some answers around here? Sniff, sniff, cries….

But not all news is doom and gloom – Simon Ellis released a 2015 mix of the original ‘The Circus Starring Britney Spears’ intro and it slays!


That is all for this week y’all, make sure to stop by next week for more weekly updates – hopefully next week will bring us some new and exciting news!