Jane the Virgin’s Jaime Camil talks working with Britney!

Britney’s Jane the Virgin appearance is just around the corner! We’ve seen photos of Britney on set and behind the scenes, we’ve heard fellow Britney stan Gina Rodriguez praise our Queen, and now co-star Jaime Camil is getting in on the Britney love too! Jaime recently talked to Vanity Fair about working with Britney on her upcoming appearance on Jane the Virgin.

How was it working with Britney Spears, who plays your character’s nemesis?

She’s actually very good as an actress. She’s so nice, always on time, always a professional, always ready to explore what is best for the show acting-wise, super sweet, super friendly. As you know, like seven months ago, she said that she really dug the show. But she is a mega-worldwide superstar so we were all pleasantly surprised about her cooperation and how willing she was to play with us and have fun. It was a really, really pleasant surprise.

A super sweet, super friendly,professional,world-wide superstar is exactly how we would describe our Queen Britney Jean, Jaime.
Basically, she’s perfect.


You can read the rest of Jaime Camil’s interview HERE and be sure to tune into Jane The Virgin on Mondays at 9/8c on the CW. Jane the Virginey is coming!