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Mar 7, 2016


We are back! It has been a while and we miss you! We have been so busy recently that Planet Britney had to take a back seat for a while, but that is all in the past and we are back to summarize your weekly Britney news. For those of you that are new to Planet Britney, this is where we summarize all the weekly Britney news into one post, perfect for those who are not able to keep up to date with Britney news every day. So let’s get straight to it!


Britney spent some QT with her boys this week and posted this beauty of a pic on her Instagram account:

‘Sleepy Sunday Night Beautiful World,’ Britney captured this super cute post. Sweetness overload!

Britney also posted a snap on Instagram on her school run – prior to picking up the boys.

You cannot get more down to earth than that!

Britney also spent heaps of quality time with Lexie. Here is a pic of Brit and Lexie on their way to Rockit Dance Studio:

Britney was on her way to teach one of her famous dance classes, that we wish we were young enough to attend!

What a dynamic duo! Seems like all this hard work is paying off for them both!

What a super woman our B is!


Our fave, ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back for another round and this week we only have one sighting. Here is Brit stopping by the mall for a quick shop on the 1st March:

Only one spot this week – so we better step up our searching game! Where will Brit be hiding this week? We shall wait and see!


It feels like forever that we have been waiting for these! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you with new promotional pics for Britney’s ‘Piece Of Me’ residency!

And if that was not enough, we also received some HQ pics from Britney’s current remixed and revisited residency!!

Holy Spearitt! Hot as ice! Talking about Piece Of Me, Britney recently brought a Backstreet Boy onto her stage for her super sultry, ‘Freakshow’ performance! The Backstreet Boys (Well Kev and AJ) were in town considering a residency of their own and what better way to do so other than visiting an old friend, who coincidentally is the most successful Vegas performer of all time?

AJ recently commented on his Vegas experience and had nothing but praise for the Queen Of Pop.


McLean said he and his fellow BSB bandmate, Kevin Richardson, have already done some research into a possible residency when they checked out Spears’ Britney: Piece of Me show late last month.

“Kevin and I went out there with our managers to do some recon for a possible residency,” McLean revealed. “We wanted to go see the production, see the show, catch up with our old friend Britney.”

“She was amazing as usual!” he gushed. “She’s such an amazing performer — she’s so sweet. She has not changed a bit. She’s still just a sweet little Southern belle.”

He also obviously couldn’t complain about getting chosen from the audience to be in her “Freakshow” number, when he was playfully chained and handcuffed.

“Her little fangirl moment on stage was kind of priceless,” McLean smiled. “I was a fan just being there, and then she pulled me on stage and did what she did with me, which was fun! My wife was actually super jealous that she wasn’t the one who got spanked.”

Britney has also added new throwback outfits to her Vegas residency – welcome back Redskinsney!


It’s Britney, Redskins fans!

In 2003, the Redskins opened the NFL season with a home game against the New York Jets. Keeping with NFL tradition, there was a concert held in the host city and headlined by major stars, and in 2003, one of those headliners was Britney Spears.

Spears performed at NFL Kickoff Live along with Aerosmith, Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin. The three-hour event was held in the National Mall in Washington, DC just before the game started at nearby FedExField.

During her set, dancers were appropriately wearing both Redskins and Jets jerseys, but before she took the stage she did a promotional photoshoot in which she donned Redskins attire herself. Spears wore a custom-made Redskins dress in the pictures and the original outfit is currently on display.

Today, the dress can be seen at the Hard Rock Café is Las Vegas, not far from where Spears is currently doing her residency at Planet Hollywood. The Hard Rock is also home to many other pieces of memorabilia from both Spears and other iconic artists.

In the end, Spears proved to be good luck for the Redskins who went on to win their 2003 season opener against the Jets, 16-13.

Talking throwback, the merchandise store has also released some, ‘…Baby One More Time,’ T’s – you would swear we were back in ’99 – they are perfect!

Britney has also been keeping extremely fit for her new revisited residency, which has even more excited for B9 – her body is totally on point, if you do not believe us… check here…

WOWZERS! That body… If you have not yet had a chance to see the show, make sure you get yourself a pair of tickets as new dates are available now!!


OK the V mag is finally here!! Britney literally broke the internet.. no seriously…

…when her V magazine snaps appeared online and even though it was a short wait before the magazine hit the stands, it did feel like a life time. But panic over – you can now officially own all 3 covers today! Have a look at the inserts!

The slayage is real! I doubt we will ever get over how flawless Britney is in this shoot. It is bound to be one of her long term iconic magazines.

The V magazine shoot includes the very perfect Mario Testino Towel Series shoot… flawless…

Britney also features in ‘The Very Best Of FHM’ magazine available to purchase now!

The feels we get from this throwback is beyond amazing, we remember picking up this copy when it was released, cannot believe it has been 16 years! FHM, you will be missed.

That is all for this week y’all! What a beautiful week! Do not forget – the EOS in connection with Britney Galaxy competition is on! Make sure you post your pics soon!

If you want legs like Britney’s – you defo do not want to miss this one!

Catch up with you all next week – and maybe…. Just maybe we may surprise you with a ‘Planet Britney’ catching up on all of the weeks we have missed… See you soon!