Liz Fanopoulos Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s spotlight time on Britney Army member, Liz Fanopoulos! Liz will be sharing her exclusive meet and greet story with Britney-Galaxy! Check out her story below:

Guys omg !!! I met Britney Spears on 4/8/16!

I’ve only dreampt of this day for as long as I can remember…. I used to dance to Britney and sing even though I cannot sing lol since I was 2 years old! My sister Tara passed away a couple years ago but her and I just loved Britney so much! She was our biggest inspiration. My sis won the talent show to “BOMT” her 8th grade year. I for sure without a doubt thought I would be famous like brit one day! She’s such a motivater.

Here’s my story: Ally invited me to her birthday table in April right after I attended Britney’s show in February for my 21st birthday for my first time ever!! The show was amazing so I definitely couldn’t turn down going back, I saved up as much money as I could, and drove down to Vegas with a couple of friends! 10 hour drives suck don’t do it just fly lol! But anything is worth it for Britney! I think it didn’t really hit me that I was meeting Britney until an hour or so before the show I just go into shock mode when I’m in her surroundings! I could barely sleep the night before; woke up got as ready as I could and put on my 2001 VMAS inspired black lace Britney dress! and met up with ally, Tatum, Ildiko, Anne, and crystal before the show! So exciting. Everyone in the group had met Brit but me! We took pictures and were on our way. The backstage tour was awesome Fe is the sweetest soul I’ve ever met she totally melts my heart, and it’s so interesting learning all the facts about Brit dancers etc and the show!

Then it was time to meet Brit omg we stood in line & my stomach fell to my butt lol I was so nervous I had to pee even if I didn’t!! It was amazing going with girls who had met Brit and loved her as much as I do, and could give me all the advice they have I appreciated it so much! While waiting in line I contemplated all of the things I could should and wanted to say! They do warn you that Brit is shy so waiting in line I was about 5th to last and tried to remain calm

While turning the corner banner and all of the sudden the guard said ” come forward its your turn”, I turn the corner and there she is you guys BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS! I introduced myself and tried to control word vomit, “hi Britney, my name is liz” you’ve been such an inspiration to me my whole life, this is my dress… I have your lyrics tattooed on me and here are my nails that I got done for you.. Brit held my hands smiling the whole time and said “OH MY FUCKING GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING” “is that my fucking face” how did you do that holy shit you’re amazing! This is amazing I love it Etc etc. from there I had word vomit and don’t remember a thing I said because I was so In shock that she was holding my hands and screaming the f word lol. She wasn’t shy at all
She was so flippin sweet I was dying inside! Larrys wife interrupted and said hold on before you take this picture I need to see her nails and held my Hands and said they were amazing as well! I then asked Brit if I could switch her sides to my Good side she smiled laughed and said “oh yes ” in her cute accent. I asked if we could do a close hug type pose and she got close and they snapped the picture! I then gave her a hug and said “thank you so much you’re amazing” and she said you’re so welcome thank you enjoy the show” and I walked off

Bawling my eyes out and shaking in
Shock that I just met my idol, and the amazing Britney Spears. The show after was brilliant… Table seats were perfect I had the best view of our beautiful Brit !! Amazing night! I made some lifelong friends and adore every one of them. I think ally had a perfect Birthday and was so thankful she invited me. Hands down one of the best days of my life. Britney was absolutely stunning, (taller than I thought) amazing, so sweet, not shy to me at all, no awkwardness just giggles and love <3 thank you so much Britney! Dreams do come true. I will always admire you & I will replay this night and redo it a million times again if I was rich and had the money to!! Lol. AMAZING experience! If you’re debating it do it. Worth it over and over again & I can’t wait to meet her a second time and try to remember all of the things I didn’t get
To say because of total shock the first time lol!

SUCH AN AWESOME STORY! Thanks Liz for sharing with us!!

PS: We want to see those nails!