Hakan Nayır Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s spotlight time on Britney Army member, Hakan Nayir! Hakan will be sharing his exclusive meet and greet story with Britney-Galaxy! Check out his story below:

My name is Hakan Nayır, 28 years old, from Istanbul/ Turkey. Im a teacher and a grad-student(Human Rights). I ve been a huge fan of britney since march 2002. Why not earlier? cause i was 13 and wasnt into music before that, until i saw randomly Im not a girl, not yet a woman video on tv. After that eveything is history.

I ve been since collecting britney merchandise and trying to go to every tour possible. Its always hard to cross the ocean but for godney, you take that journey. As on now i have seen her live 25 times.

I have met britney first time in august 31 2014. My photo turned out very good but the problem was i couldnt talk ro her. People blame sometimes her being the shy one but trust me i am shyer. I couldnt say a word so the meeting was short, but a memory for alifetime.

One of my britney dreams was to visit a whole leg of a tour. I bought 10 tickets to almost every show in the june/july leg all my tickets were general admissipn except the meet and greet.

So lets come to today 9th of july 2016. Its also my birthday in my country where i was born Hamburg/Germany. So it was more exciting for me.

I went to the vip check-in at 6:30, i was afraid that i was late but i wasnt 6:45 we went into the theatre. There were 17 people in the backstage tour also people who were friends with dancers . Also very special guest one of britney’s older friends and also first designers a blonde 40-50yo woman. She designed the bomt tour outfits i hope she didnt hear britneys comment on the E! I am britney jean special hahahha…before the tour i told Fe about my letter that i wrote for britney and gave that to her. She promised that she will give it to britney or put it on her table.

i can compare everything with the normal piece of me and the remixed one. Backstage tour was updated with the remixed info so that was cool. The best part is of course the dressing room. Tish was there making a new accesorie for the touch of my hand perfomance the belt without crystals etc. She wore that this night. She expalined some details about the clothes how they made them. She showed retired costumes and why they retire. Cause they only have one and they cant wash it so if its done its done. She explained the pink/black with the shoulders ‘boys costume’ had to retire because pink studs were falling off and they couldnt find any to replace them.

After the tour we had about 20minutes to freshen up.
We lined at 8:15 but britney was late the meet and greet started around 8:45 and there were 32 people most of them won the tickets somehow they werent fans.
They updated the security with the detailed search, after the terrorist attacks and i liked it cause it always better be safe than sorry.’Cause i was one of the last ones going in this time i lined up first.

I was the first one to go in but Fe put the designer in as a suprise to britney, she was in shock and was so happy to see her.

Saw it all from the side.
After that it was my turn, i knew cause she was late and so many people lined, maybe the security would rush me but i was detirmined to open my mounth atleast.
I saw her with her pink beautiful dress, highheels, curly long hair, very orange looking tan.

Hakan: Hi my name is Hakan
Britney: hello welcome
Hakan: how are you?
Britney: Good how are you?
Hakan: Thank you. We met before but i couldnt talk to you cause im such a shy person. But this time i wanna tell you that i love you and i saw this show 22 times already.
Britney: what Ohh my God, hey did u hear that pointing me to Robin.
Robin: can believe it.
Britney: gosh thats awesome
Hakan: yeah i talked about it also in my letter did Fe give it to you?
Britney: yes she did its so sweet thank you ( she probably didnt read it cause she wouldnt be shocked then 22times thing, but she hadnt have time so im not unhappy she was just being nice not to disaapoint me.
Britney: should we take picture? (Pointing with her to hands my place next to her)
Hakan: ok. Can we do the peace sign with our fingers.
Britney: Sure sweety.

I put my hand to her shoulder and right next to her then the *click* we looked and the photgrapher checked the picture in the screen and said great.

Hakan: thank you bye
Britney: bye sweety.

Overall Britney was so sweet to me and everybody said wow u stayed long. The face was priceless when i said i saw the show 22 times and her telling Robin. I had the most amazing experinece more than i could dream of.
I didnt like the way i looked in my picture but britney looks awesome. The experience is so worth it.

After my experinece cant wait do it again.
After 22 times seing the show i will wait for awhile till the new songs are in then i ll be back for more.

Hope she adss it to the laser act.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Hakan!