A new advertising campaign was released today, for the Intimate Britney Australia line and the media attention is going to be huge! The campaign message? Intimate Britney Spears Collection is an INCLUSIVE brand NOT a discriminatory one. Designed for EVERY woman.

We think it is super creative and appeals to a larger market – and the message is powerful! Does this mean that the launch will include male models too? Well, you will have to wait and see….

Talking about Models…. check this out…

Got a hot body? Then go and work it Bitch! This is shaping up to be an interesting launch and we cannot wait to see how this all works out!!

Oh – and Britney – if you are in fact going to AUS – can the trip please include a performance of Pretty Girls with Iggy? It is IGGY-IGGS home land after all… Look at it as a tribute…

What do you all think of the campaign?