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Apr 20, 2015


PLEASE NOTE: This post is speculation and not confirmed – we are reading between the lines – remember the rules of your stan card – you will just have to wait and see 😉


Let’s be honest here… When you opened the link, you thought we were going to educate you on the origins of Australian spears right?  Well sorry to disappoint – but that will have to wait for another day. However, it looks like we may have better news for you! Well, only if you live in Australia that is..

Today we received a tweet from Matt Lei, who is the official ambassador of the Britney Intimate Collection.. it went a little something like this…


It seems like our main Sheila will be jetting off to AUS to promote the Britney Intimate Collection! HOLY KANGAROO!!! We are sparking up our BARBIE’s in celebration!

But the question is… which private jet should Brit Brit travel in? Your help is needed BARMY!!

We personally feel that both are dream jets, as long as there are vanilla candles, bags of Cheetos and cans of Fanta, B will be in heaven!

Matt – if you are reading this – please can the air crew be dressed like this?


P.S – It is only wink winks at present – so you will need to wait and see… If you know what we mean!