Toxic was written by Cathy Dennis from D-Mob, who also wrote Kylie Minogue’s, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. Toxic was originally intended for Kylie Minogue, however she rejected it and Britney took on the song.

The music video was released the same time as Janet Jackson’s infamous Superbowl ‘boob flash’ – which lead to an uproar over ‘indecent material’ being shown on prime time telly. This forced MTV to move Toxic and other raunchy videos to the late slot viewings. Britney’s flesh coloured body suit was considered too risky.

Toxic, a Bloodshy and Advant production,  earned Britney her first ever Grammy. B&A are also responsible for the massive hit ‘Piece Of Me’ which is used as the headline title of Britney’s highly successful Vegas residency. NME, Rolling Stones and The Telegraph have all named ‘Toxic’ one of the greatest songs of all time.

There has been numerous cover versions of Britney’s Toxic , including Mark Ronson, Yael Naim and many others. The video is also regarded one of the greatest videos of all time – and has been referenced in many other artists videos, a famous one in particular being Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ – which coincidentally is directed by the same director, Joseph Khan.

The video, Britney appears to be a flight attendant, but it turns out she is a secret agent in disguise. Joseph Khan called the video pretty ‘nonsensical… it’s just fun…like James Bond flicks and sex’

Rumour has it that the video costed more than $1m dollars to make and is considered one of the most expensive music videos of all time.

The body Jewels were hand glued on and took 9 hours to make.

Only the director and the visual effects guy were allowed on set during the diamonds scene..

The 2 girls touching just before the bike scene was originally cut from the US for being too racy.

The passenger that Britney spills her drink on – is in fact Joseph Khan’s long term casting director and the ‘ugly’ guy is the casting director’s assistant, who also appears in the ‘Womanizer’ video.

Britney’s ‘boyfriend is played by Martin Henderson, who also plays in Joseph Khan’s directorial debut ‘Torque’

The choreography was planned by Brian Freedman and Britney, each scene had a very strict structured routine.

The original rumour was that Tim Burton was due to direct the music video and follow a Circus theme. This was later proven to be false..

Jay – Z confirmed in a Twitter Q&A that ‘Toxic’ was his fave Britney song. ‘’Jamming my G’’ he remarked. Britney responded with, ‘’You learn something new everyday. Never knew that @S_C_ was a fan of Toxic, that’s Big Pimpin’’

Many people mistake the girl in the shower for Britney, however it is not. It is in fact the ‘love interest’ of Britney’s boyfriend – hence the revenge..

Tyson Beckord celebrated his birthday on the day of shooting the motorbike scenes.

Joseph Khan stated that the entire video was Britney’s idea, with tweaks from him. Joseph Khan is also responsible for some of Britney’s most iconic video’s including, ‘Stronger’ and ‘Womanizer’

Toxic received the MTV – Making The Video treatment, if you have not yet seen it, what are you waiting for?

Here is a clip of Toxic uncut – as it appears on her My Prerogative DVD.

Celebrate the birth of ‘Toxic’ by watching the iconic VEVO certified video here.

Toxic slayage at The Onyx Hotel Tour: