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Jan 8, 2016


Sometimes a flashback can be the best feeling in the world. The greatest memories, the happiest moments and the warm fuzzy feeling that you get is second bar none. This flashback, our dear Galaxy readers, will take you straight back to one the greatest times of your lives, you will feel like a kid all over again!

(R.I.P Dick Clark)

It has been 15 years, yes, you read that correctly… 15 years (suddenly we are feeling old again), since Britney ruled the entire AMA’s! For those of you who may not know, Britney was the host of the show, in fact, at the time she was the youngest ever host of the AMA’s. Let’s take you right back to her flawless presenting skills…

Although it is literally impossible to forget, do you remember this ‘slayage of all slays’ performance of Stronger?

HELLO SLAYNEY! What a performance! And who can ever forget this Justney moment, that people still talk about to this current day!

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an iconic statement. A moment that will never fade. Celebs are still paying tribute to the perfection that is Justney. Remember Katy Perry’s tribute?

We cannot deal! Can we have Britney host the AMA’s again? Every single moment was on point! In fact bring back LLCoolJ for an anniversary edition! Pretty please??

Join us on Universe and let us know what your favourite moment from the 2001 AMA’s is… That is if you can even try to choose a fave moment….