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Feb 13, 2016

Britney Wins A Grammy For Toxic – 11 Years Ago Today

Following many years of unjustified snubs from the Grammy Awards, Britney finally won a Grammy for ‘Toxic’. Traditionally the pre-historic voting panel would always award music favoured by an older generation, however even they could not deny a Grammy to one of the greatest songs of all time.

‘Toxic’ was up against The Scissor Sisters, Kylie Minogue, Basement Jaxx and The Chemical Brothers, but no one could compete with a track so ahead of it’s time. The award should have received way more publicity than it did on the show. The announcement was made during the pre-show and was not televised – only a brief flash during the live shows confirmed Britney’s triumph. It is wildly believed that the decision to announce the award during the pre show, was due to Britney declining to attend the Grammy’s and instead spend some time with friends and order take away instead… the slayage is real! This however did not stop the win from becoming one of the most memorable moments in Grammy history.

Toxic is pure pop perfection and has played a vital role in the change of pop music as we once knew it. Ever since the release of Toxic, pop artists felt more comfortable experimenting with different sounds and became more risky with their releases. Artists from all genres to this day still reference not only the iconic track but also it’s legendary and unforgettable video.

Unfortunately, as Britney did not attend the awards show and has only performed at the Grammy’s once, we do not have any relevant footage to celebrate this flashback, so instead, allow us to remind you of Britney’s iconic first Grammy’s performance. This just proves that Britney should be the artist with the most Grammy awards of all time.. just sayin’…

Happy Birthday ‘Gramaphone’ Toxic!