Exclusive Details about Outrageous MV

A few fans from our forum asked Dave Meyers a few questions on facebook regarding the Outrageous MV!

“Dear Mr. Meyers,

10 years ago, you directed the video for Britney Spears’ song “Outrageous”. As you obviously know, the video was unfinished due to Britney suffering a leg injury the first night on set. As the video is unfinished, there are a lot of questions among the fans, as well as countless rumors. I’d like to ask you about some of these.

Is it true that the video was supposed to have a Halle Berry as Catwoman cameo?
Is it true that the song was a remix featuring Snoop Dogg and that is why he was in the video?
Is it true that Britney was supposed to dress up as Catwoman herself?
Is it true that there was in fact enough footage shot to release a full-length video?

And lastly, what was the script of the video?

As we will most likely never get the footage itself, the next best thing would be the director himself telling us about the video that could’ve been.

a member of the Britney Army.”

This is what Dave Meyers wrote back:

Was that 10 years ago? wow. I asked snoop to be in the video. It was an extra cost for the studio that they didn’t want to pay, but britney loved the idea. The inclusion was simple in that snoop was the “dog father” and we were doing Britney as a version of “cat woman”. There was no version with him rapping on the song. NO halle was never meant to be in the video. Britney not doing cat woman as seen in the movie, but channeling the essence of that character. There was only two scenes filmed, the snoop one, and the beginning of a dance that she hurt herself on in take one. And the video died at that moment. The script I don’t recall fully but it centered around Britney prowling the streets of New York as an interpretation of Catwoman, Britney style.

We are still sad about the injury but we are looking foward to the new stuff coming up!

Thanks to: BrittonJeanSpears & QueenLanaParrilla

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