Producer Bloodshy @wearegalantis Talks About Working With @britneyspears Years Ago!



Producer Bloodshy had a recent interview with MTV Norway! He had mentioned that he will not be producing on #B9 and that this is the first time he hasn’t worked with Britney since 2002! (This means he probably has submitted some tracks for her previous album Britney Jean but they didn’t make the cut!) You can check out the full interview by clicking here


“Christian, as part of Bloodshy & Avant, you’ve been responsible for some of Britney’s most iconic moments (‘Toxic’, ‘Piece Of Me’, and the lesser known jam ‘Unusual You’). What is it like to be working with such a pop-legend?”

Christian (Bloodshy):
– “We quickly got a good working relationship with Britney. After a while we even joined her on tour so that we could create new stuff together whenever we felt inspired. She often called us up spontaneously and sang”

Bloodshy & Avant produced some of Britney’s biggest hits including: “Toxic” and “Piece Of Me” as well as some other gems such as Unusual You, I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun); Phonography; Do Somethin’; My Prerogative; Trouble; Radar; How I Roll*; Trip To Your Heart*; Bloodshy has also recently produced “Sparks” For Hilary Duff and “You” as part of his Galantis production team.

*: Songs with an asterisk signify that Bloodshy (Christian) produced these songs alone

Those are some great songs!  Bloodshy should be on #B9; He produced some of her iconic hits with producer Avant!

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