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Dec 4, 2016

#SlumberParty @britneyspears @Tinashe #Day17 #Radio Update! #Mediabase @iHeartRadio


We have the #Day17 radio update for #SlumberParty!

#42 BRITNEY SPEARS Slumber Party f/Tinashe 790 Spins 3.322 Million AI (Audience Impressions)

+78 spins
+38 bullet
+0.125 audience

Almost Top 40! Keep Requesting!

Z100 New York Has Officially Added Slumber Party! The #1 Biggest Station In The U.S.! It Debuted At #9 On Their Top 9 At 9 Countdown This Week!

Text Them Your Requests To 55100!

Make sure to request #SlumberParty on our official Radio Requesting Campaign Post by clicking here!

Download The Shazam App On Your Phone Or Tablet And Make Sure To Use The App Every Time You Hear Slumber Party On Radio Or In Public! Radio Stations Now Use Shazam As One Of Their Methods To Decide What Kind Of Songs They Should Play More!

Download the iHeartRadio app as well to listen to Slumber Party on your local radio stations and click the THUMBS UP button whenever you hear the song! Every time you click the thumbs up button, it counts as a request and can help Slumber Party get more airplay!

Here are some key radio stations you should request on (Mediabase and Twitter links + Texting):





Text Numbers:

Hot 99.5 Washington D.C.: 99338


“I request Slumber Party by Britney Spears Feat. Tinashe on Hot 99.5”

Call: 1-877-995-4681

KIIS FM Los Angeles: 41027 (Text: “I request Slumber Party by Britney Spears Feat. Tinashe on JoJo’s Top 9 at 9”)

Z100 New York: 55100 (Very Important!)

Call: 1800-242-0100

KRBE Houston: 37530

WKTU FM New York: 69935

Y100 Miami: 77100

#1: Z100 New York (WHTZ): (Officially Added; Please Request!)

zip code: 10003


#2: 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles, CA:

zip code: 90001


#3: KRBE Houston, Texas

zip code: 77001


#4: WIHT FM Hot 995 Washington, DC:

zip code: 20001


#5: Y100 Miami, Florida

Zip code: 33101


#6: Q102 Philadelphia, PA

Zip code: 19019


#7: WKSC FM Chicago, IL

Zip Code: 60290


#8: KKRZ FM Portland, Oregon:

Zip Code: 97201


#9: WBBM FM Chicago, IL:

Zip Code: 60290


Latest Addition:

**#10: WKTU FM New York:**

Zip Code: 10003


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