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Nov 18, 2015

Emily Vontom receives a card from Britney Spears! @britneyspears

card 1

We love seeing fans get personal letters from Britney!

Check out Emily’s story below:

Last Monday, before I left for Las Vegas, I received a beautiful card in the mail. I knew it was coming because just a few days earlier I had received an exciting message requesting my address from the lovely pup Hannah Spears, beloved pet of Britney.

When I got home from work, I was mostly surprised to see how fast it had arrived! It was late in the afternoon Friday that my address was requested and to see that it had arrived Monday morning was surprising to me. Anyway, I didn’t really do much of a “fan girl” freak out over the card, but I did squeal with glee after opening. “My card is covered in glitter – she knows me!” My beautiful, thoughtful card from Britney Spears was covered in glitter and had the title of one of my favorite songs, Lucky.

It’s been over a week since I received my card, and to be honest, even now I’m hesitant to share it with the world, but after much debate I’ve decided to go ahead and let the world read the lovely words handwritten to me by the woman who has inspired me since 1998 when I was 13 years old.

As much as I want to keep these words to myself, it’s more important to me tat the kindness and thoughtfulness of Britney’s heart be shared with the world. Her dignity and beauty, both inside and out, deserve to be shared with everyone.

Thank you, Britney, for the most special card I’ve ever received. I will treasure it for always. And I hope you know that you are the sweetest, most inspiring and supportive out of all of us. YOU certainly make my world brighter.

Emily you deserve this so much! We are SO happy for you and we hope you have a wonderful trip to Vegas next year!! Thanks for being an AWESOME fan!