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Apr 18, 2016

Meghan Trainor “Britney Spears is my Queen”! @britneyspears

queen 2

When it comes to Meghan Trainor, she stans for Britney so hard. During a recent interview with, fuse, Meghan opened up about her obsession with Britney Spears. Check out what Meghan had to say about our Queen:

We’re both ‘90s babies, which is probably why I can’t stop bumping to “Nø.” What were your favorite moments from that era?
My family wasn’t into every award show, but I would make sure we popped it on when Britney was on! She was my queen, and Christina Aguilera too. *NYSNC was huge for our family. My brothers would dance in front of the TV just to be like them, and I would sit there and laugh because I was too embarrassed to dance. I swear I learned how to harmonize because of *NSYNC. I remember singing along with my headphones on and my brothers would be like, “You’re singing it wrong!”

I wrote an article last month about this awesome “Nø” mash-up with Britney Spears’ “Overprotected.” Have you seen it?
Of course, I’ve been bumping it. I love it! I freaked out when I saw it, that’s like my dream. God, I want to meet her so bad and just tell her that she’s my everything.

You better Stan and tell everyone that Britney Spears is the QUEEN!