Anthony’s #PieceOfMe Review! @britneyspears


Hi everyone! I went to Las vegas last week and let me tell you, it was one of the BEST trips of my life!

The first show I attended that week was Wednesday, April 13th. It was the day Britney requested to meet me and I was totally freaking out. I was so nervous and needed to calm down. i needed to get my mind off all the excitement so decided to go for lunch with Fe (Felicia), it was SO good seeing her. We went to a nice restaurant in Vegas, the food was delicious and we spoke for hours, it was such a great evening. I asked Felicia if we could interview her for Britney-Galaxy readers and she said “OF COURSE!” Make sure to look out for the interview which will feature on our site soon.

fe 2

The day of the show finally came and I was very excited to see Britney. I headed over to the Axis theatre were Felicia was waiting for me to give me my wrist band for the MG and also for the backstage tour. The backstage tour was AWESOME and Felicia really changed a lot of stuff from last year. If you have done the backstage tour before, my advice is do it again, because Felicia has really changed things up! When the backstage tour finished we all went to get ready for our meet and greet. There were about 30 of us waiting to meet Britney. Felicia was going over some rules and when she was done Fe said “Anthony Britney wants you to be last.” At this moment I turned bright red and people started staring at me! LOL! So…… while I was waiting, the flawless Willie Gomez came down and we were so happy to see each other! Willie has been such a huge supporter of BG and it was nice to catch up with him.

willie 4

My friends were all meeting Britney at the same time and watching them come out with the biggest smile on there faces was priceless, I was so happy for them. Finally my turn came to see Britney, By this point, I was actually (surprisingly) really calm. I turned around the corner and there was Britney, when she saw me she had the BIGGEST smile on her face. I can’t even begin to explain how she lit up when she saw me, its like she saw her favorite Starbucks drink coming towards her, LOL. I took out my hand and I said “Hey Britney, I hope you know who I am, I help run Britney-Galaxy.Com,” she said, “Yes I remember you! I really appreciate everything”! She then continued, ”I love the gifts you gave me, they were very adorable, I appreciate it very much Anthony” and I said “I am glad you like them Britney and thank you SO much for my birthday card”. Britney said ” I am so glad you got your birthday card, I wanted to do something very special for you” and I had the biggest smile on my face. I said to her “I called your mom freaking out when you send me the birthday card and she was like “I knew she was going to send you one”.” (Then she started laughing). Then I asked Britney if we can do a really special pose and she was SO down for it. I asked her if Felicia can be in it and she said absolutely. Felicia came running up and Britney said “YAH Fe is in the picture too, this is going to be a fun one”. I told Felicia what I wanted to do and then she was ready. Then Britney put her arm on my shoulder, like it was NO big deal at all. We snapped the picture and she said “Yah!”. I said to Britney “I really hope Britney-Galaxy makes you smile, it’s always going to be positive and supporting you no matter what, Britney” and Britney said ” Thank you so much Anthony, everything you all do makes me smile very much, thank you”. Then I asked her for a hug after that and she said “of course” and we hugged. Then I walked away and I shook Larry’s hand and he said “Thank you for everything”.



I was so pumped and excited because I am seeing the Queen of all queens, the one and only that can destroy everyone’s faves. The show was incredible, the Instagram videos don’t do the show any justice. It is even more amazing seeing Britney perform on stage. Britney’s facial expressions, her energy, her comfort on stage, her spark, her talent, her attitude, her dancing and her just being Britney Bitch. Everything was on point. Her dancers are freaking amazing, the band is incredible, the new lasers they added to the show are incredible, just the whole revamped show is amazing and you all need to get your asses to Vegas to see it. I want to reiterate, THE VIDEOS DON’T DO THE SHOW ANY JUSTICE! I did record some videos for you all and posted them on our youtube channel, make sure to check them out:

Onyx Hotel Tour vibes the whole show, not kidding.


Felicia also recorded a special message to Britney-Galaxy and the Britney Army:

Then I also attended Fridays show as well, Britney was on again on FIRE that night. Here are some videos I took from that night, I was not glued to this night I really wanted to focus on the show more. Check out some videos I took:


Britney’s mom Lynne was at the show and we met FINALLY!!!!!

lynne and fe 2

We were SO happy to see each other and she kept telling me how much Britney and herself appreciate me and the BG staff very much. Overall the was was FREAKING AMAZING and you all need to see it. It was one of the best times of my life and I can not wait to go back again! I had such a pleasure and honor to meet so many wonderful people on this trip and it is definitely a trip I will keep close to my heart.  I love you all SO MUCH! I am so blessed and appreciative of EVERYTHING! Keep following your dreams everyone. We started out from the bottom 3 years ago and now we are the #1 Britney Spears fan site. We do everything for the Britney Army and of course Britney Spears! Its all about positivity and love!

 I hope you enjoyed my Piece of me review!