David LeCours Meet and Greet story with Britney! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

Check out Britney Army member David LeCours meet and greet story with Britney below:

Hey everyone, it’s David! I’m sure some of you know me, but if you don’t then hey! I met Britney again on November 9, 2016 and it was by far the best experience I’ve ever had with her.

Britney sent me a card tickets to see her show last year for any date in 2016, so I went this past week with my best friend (and fellow Britney Army fan) Bree. We had so much fun and it was even more amazing when we got to see other Britney fan’s there too. I added on a meet and greet to the tickets Brit sent because I wanted to do it for myself as a little graduation gift before I graduate this May!

The day arrived and I was so excited but definitely nervous. When it was time for the meet and greet, I was with two amazing ladies- Alycia and Crystal. We had the best damn time in line together and on the backstage tour, we were so silly and had a blast.

I was in the middle of the line with Alycia and Crystal and then it was finally my turn! I walked up the ramp and there she was!!! She was wearing a purple dress with a stylish black coat on top and she looked amazing! I walked up to her and said “Hi Britney!” And she had the biggest smile on her face and said “Hi sweetie, it’s so nice to see you!” I then went on to tell her that I’d gotten a tattoo from the letter she wrote me two years ago and she seemed so happy about it. She touched it and said that it was beautiful and that she was so proud of me for being so strong. I thanked her for helping me so much and she kept saying thank you to me and kept saying how proud she was of me, it was so emotional for me but amazing. We went to take the picture and I asked her if I could have the other side because it was my better side and she giggled and said “of course Sweetie!” We took our picture and then we hugged and then she told me it was great to see me and that she hopes I have a blast at the show.

I gave Britney a scrapbook that I made her along with a choker I bought her and was told she loved them so much. It was amazing to see she wore the choker I got her to her most recent show to, it truly warmed my heart.

The whole meet and greet experience was so amazing and I got a really good amount of time with her, I was so happy and still am. I would like to thank Fe and Britney for the amazing experience and for always making me smile. Also, thanks to my B-Army family for being here for me and always putting me up, I love you!

Xoxo David

AW! Thanks for sharing your story with us David!!