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Apr 30, 2016

Christopher Hall’s Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s spotlight time on a flawless Britney Army member!

Today we are featuring Britney Army member, Christopher Hall, and he will be sharing his Meet and Greet story with us. Check out Christopher’s story:

April 15th 2016 will forever be a special day to me.

I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was 13 years old. Now being 30 years old it was finally happening I was meeting the one person who has been through so much from me from being homeless, family issues and me being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

On the day of the meet and greet I grabbed a cab from Monte Carlo to Planet Hollywood just thinking of the moments that were going to happen and what I would experience. So I walked towards the area of the meet up and nobody was there. I started freaking out because I didn’t want to be first there for the meet and greet/tour. So I went to the guess store to buy a necklace and started freaking out in the store and I broke the credit card machine and the lady started laughing because I told her I was about to meet Britney.

So I walked back and people were there waiting. Everyone was looking at me and I am naturally shy and quiet when I don’t know people. One of the girls came up and started talking to me about the show and I told her its my third time seeing the show and its my first time meeting Britney. Security came and lined up and ushered us in. I quickly finished my drink because I was scared that someone would see me drinking.

We were inside and then Fe came over and welcome us. She told us that tonight was a great night to be there because they had hometown folks at the show. Britney’s mom best friend was in our group and we all waived and Bryans best friend as well. Then all of sudden Fe was like and “ look who’s Britney’s mother”. My heart stopped I was like holy shit there is Lynne Spears. She welcome us to the show and went about what she was doing.

Fe started going over the facts about the show and etc. And we start walking on the stage. This for me meant a lot I’ve always wanted to be able to look and touch the stage and kinda did the “Britney Skip” on the catwalk. The view is incredible and you can honestly see everyones faces in the crowd. So went behind the curtain to see the props. This is where I started to feel like a “complete goofball/nerd”. Fe started talking about the Guitar prop but she forgot what song it was used for during The Femme Fatale Tour, without thinking of hestitating I said, “Burning Up by Madonna” after Baby/S&M. She smiled and looked at me and said “Oh my gosh you are right. Everyone just started to look at me like how in the hell did he know that and I felt immediately embarrassed.

So we went upstairs to the costume room. And we were able to look at the costumes and touch them. This is where we met Trish. Before Fe could start I blurted out, “ Weren’t you the young lady on the ET interview who was discussing the costumes in Paris and talking about Britney’s grab bags in 2009”. She starts laughing at me and said “wow you have a really good memory and Britney still loves her Grab Bags in her shows”. Again everyone again looked at me and I felt bad because I was just too excited I think.

So Fe started talking about the all of costumes and pulled out the Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand outfit used on the circus tour and how she didn’t like the tassle nipples personally. And she said I forgot what part of the show it was used for. Again… I opened my mouth without thinking “ it was used for the Freakshow Segment, Where Britney perform Freakshow and Get naked and had the that Gold bra on the rack with the corset dress and black hot pants, and which before she use to have a purple tie/pink bow and etc. Trish and me at the same time said and the leotard tassle outfit with fedora. Her and Fe laughed and said wow you know a lot about the past shows. The girls that I was like “Holy crap how much do you know…” and I explained that I listen to interviews, shows and etc everyday at work to get through my workday and I retain information really well.

Meantime Britney mom’s best friend kept smiling at me saying that I was really a true fan and I can tell you really respect her a lot. And I said I did and I told her my backstory with everything Ive been through since I was 13. So we were all hanging out and Fe came up to me and we started talking. And I brought up Jayden getting braces. She just looked at me like how did you know. And I was like Oh Kevin posted it online. She was like oh okay yeah I know that they were prepping him for it. Again people just stared and smiling at me. So now it was time to meet Britney. Well this one girl who kept following me was getting drunk and I didn’t want her to get in trouble so I guided her until we met Britney. Fe and her security asked if we were together. And I told them No, I just wanted to help her because she kinda too tipsy. Fe was like you are such a gentlemen and security just smiled at me. So I walked up the ramp and waited. And then I turned and I saw Britney.

The feeling I had wasn’t like OMG it was like seeing an old friend and I just said Hello, My name is Chris. And she said it’s nice to meet you chris and we shook hands. I didn’t want to hug her because I’m 6’2 250lbs and I workout a lot. But we looked at the camera and she just grabbed and put her head on my shoulder. And I was like omg omg omg.

The camera lady was like are you guys ready and we like Yeah and smiled. The camera lady dropped the camera. We both snorted and laughed. And we looked at each other in shock because it was perfect timing. Larry was like Aww and we took the picture. I said thank you so much and have fun tonight. She said thank you sweetie. I walked off went back in. I felt like a superstar afterwards but this isn’t really the best part.

There was an issue with my ticket…they gave me the wrong one. I was told to talk to her security. The guy remember me and told me to hold on because he has to take care of something. Next thing I know I see Jamie, Bryan, Lynne and her best friend. And she was like where is your seat and I was like there was mix-up and its okay. Britney mom just smiled at me and they went on there way.

He came back and put in front row and told me to have fun. I saw that Lynne was behind me in the next section and I guess people kinda knew who she was. All of sudden I see security come to my aisle with them. Her best friend was like this is Chris he’s the one I told you about. And Lynne sat next to me. I said hello how are you and she said im great and smiled at me. So I was singing and dancing the whole show with another girl who did the tour and Lynne was just laughing at us because we were so hyped. At one point I started complaining about my legs and feet and she just started cracking up at me. And I told her this was like running 9 miles but love it. She told me Oh Britney loves it when she see’s people like yourselves going full out in the audience.

At some point Lynne dropped her phone in between the seats. I asked her are you okay? She was like oh I dropped my phone so I grabbed mine and turn on the flashlight and she was like omg thank you so much….this made my night complete. Jamie came over and asked if everything was good and she explained it and he said thank you. I was just sooo on a high. To be able to see this show right next to her family meant the world to me.

I will always remember this I wish I would of shared my story with Britney herself but I will save it for another day. She is like a big sister to me and I respect the hell out of her.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Chris! We are glad you had a GREAT time!