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Apr 30, 2016

Britney Spears has been wearing this fans necklace for 3 weeks! @britneyspears


It’s spotlight time on a flawless member of the Britney Army!

Jasmine Mackin, went to meet Britney Spears two weeks ago and gave Britney a very special gift. The gift that Jasmine gave to Britney was a necklace that said “I Fucking Love you” and now it turns out Britney has been wearing the necklace for the past three weeks. Jasmine tells Britney-Galaxy exclusively her story:

Meeting Britney is something I’ve dreamed of since 1999! I’ve seen every tour and have seen her Vegas show 6 times and I realized it was finally time to do this! So the day of the meet n greet I was standing in line waiting for security to bring us in the venue for our backstage tour with Fe. I was with 5 friends from the Addicts group and Anthony from Britney-Galaxy so that made the experience even better! I honestly don’t remember much from the tour because I was so nervous to just meet B. I do remember going up to the wardrobe room and she was showing us some costumes from other tours including the one from the circus tour for breathe on me with the nipple tassels . Fe was not a fan of that one haha. At the end of the tour I told Fe I loved her in Chaotic. She laughed and said she’s actually never see it. I told her I loved it and still watch it all the time. Fe is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. I felt like I’ve known her forever. After the tour I gave Fe a bag of gifts for Britney. My favorite was a necklace that says “I Fucking love you” When it was my turn to meet Britney I walked up, forgot to introduce myself and just said hi. She said she liked my dress. I didn’t even say thank you I just looked at her and said “I love you” lol. I kind of froze up because she looked so amazing and I couldn’t believe the moment was real! I didn’t even notice that she was wearing my necklace until I turned to take the picture and I saw it out of the corner of my eye and I was like “Wait omg I got that for you!” Britney said “You got this for me?! Thanks, I fucking love you!” I was freaking out inside and that’s why my smile looks the way it does in the photo because that was literally right after she said that to me! Then I didn’t know what to do. There were so many things I meant to say but blanked out so I showed her my dice tattoo and told her that I got this last time I was in Vegas and she showed me hers. Then I said good luck tonight and tried to walk the wrong way off the stage and I turned around and left. Even though I didn’t get to say much I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I felt like she was truly happy to be there meeting her fans and that made it all worth it. I would definitely do it again! By the way she is still wearing the necklace almost 3 weeks later and I could not be any happier!!!! Thank you Britney-Galaxy.com for featuring my story!! I fucking love you Britney!

Here is a picture of the necklace:

love u 2

Now here are pictures of Britney wearing the necklace for the past three weeks:

britney 4

britney-galzy 2

collage 2

britney 2

hottie 2

If anyone want to buy the necklace click here!

Thanks for letting us feature your story Jasmine and we are SO happy that Britney is wearing your necklace you have given to her!!