Christopher Ryan Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

Britney Army Fan, Christopher, met Queen Britney Spears last night at her Atlantic City show! Christopher met Britney 18 years ago and this was his SECOND time meeting her. Check out his story below:

July 19th Meet and Greet After 18 years I was able to get a meet and greet with Britney Spears! My nerves where shot because the last time I was 13 and cried my eyes out going into this I knew you needed to be personal with her because she is meeting 30-40 people so I had rehearsals with my husband about what I would say to her because i am a very shy person also. Went upstairs at 6pm to check in for my meet and greet I got to have an amazing backstage tour with that I got to walk on the very stage that Britney performs on (Amazing). I got to see the quick changes where her and her dancers change and got to see wardrobe with that I seen customs she has wore In the past and what she may or may not wear in the future. Than it’s time to line up for the meet and greet my body was shaking I was going over everything I wanted to say when the first person comes out he states he was disappointed because she told him she was sick and he was not happy with his meet and greet as I’m approaching my turn I got chill bumps and I’m next in line I walk in a room where it’s me Britney 2 guards and the lady taking the photo I look at Britney and tears flow from my face she asked me why I was crying and I tell her how much she means to me I also tell her my last meet and greet was 18 years ago and I cried than told her how much she has done for me in my life I explain last time I met her I was in a wheelchair and could only walk a block at that time she told me how amazing that is and I could tell my emotions where pushed on to her she even said you gonna make me cry. I ask her for a hug and take a photo with my idol I was kinda upset knowing I would yet again have another photo with me crying in it. Ok it’s time to leave Britney but we are told we have to wait for Britneys approval with the photo so when everyone is done the lady taking the photos comes back out and points at me I look behind me and she says Britney wants you to come back in. What are you kidding me I’m freaking out. I go back in drop all my stuff on the table for my second time meeting her and the security say take a deep breathe. I go in Britney says to me hunny I wanted you to have a good picture so let’s try to not cry because you definitely made me cry so now I feel bad because I made a Britney Cry we take an amazing photo and before I leave she says can I give you another hug at this point I was like I’m not gonna pass that offer up because I asked for the first hug I give Britney another hug go back in line and wait to enter the venue. Britney put on an amazing show with a 102.0 fever,  she again made my dreams come true with this meet and greet!

What a BEAUTIFUL experience!!

Below is the picture of Chris meeting Britney 18 years ago:

We are so happy your dream came true again Christopher and thank you for sharing your story with us!!!