Bryce Trobaugh meet and greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

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Ok can we just say how ADORABLE this picture is?!?

Check out Bryce’s meet and greet story with Britney:

I’d like to start my meet and greet experience by thanking some amazing people for helping me prepare for the opening night of piece of me revamp, those people are my amazing friends and Britney family, Brittney, Rachel, Lauren, Bree, and of course Anthony!

Leading up to the the show I was extremely excited yet nervous, didn’t eat much, and couldn’t stop thinking about what I would say or do when I get there. At noon I went and checked in and got my wrist band and tickets for my best friend Alex and I, then returned to axis theatre around 7:00 to meet for our backstage tour. Soon after Fe’s cute little southern self came strutting to us with her match leopard shirt and vans. She was soooo cute. And sooo sweet. I stuck by Fe most of the night because I was by myself so I was even more nervous. First we walked down the stage where Britney performs, seeing what she seems every night is so magical and cool to experience. After we walked through the curtains and headed straight up to Britney’s dressing room where they were working on new costumes for the show. Fe told us all about her favorite costumes from the show and past shows and showed us sneak peaks of what was to come (almost accidentally reveling the new revamped show details to us). After that we filed out back down to the stage where fe explained to us how the show goes on along with really cool facts about the show. Soon after that we all filed out back into the axis where the m&g group was to meet up. That’s when Fe and I talked for a while before we walked back outside to like up for the m&g. Outside I met 2 girls(Kristen & Heather) and a guy who were all in the same boat as me (riding solo) so of course we all made friends and they honestly calmed my nerves so much and were so sweet. We all talked/took pics with the adorable Fe for so long we had no choice but to go last in the group (oops). As the line got shorter and shorter I grew more nervous, Heather, Kristen, and I stuck together until it is was time for Heather to meet Brit. The security guard signaled me up and I could see the shadow of Britney and it stopped me in my tracks for a second. Security then signaled me again and told me to stop while Heather was talking to Brit, at this point I could hear Brit sweet southern voice, and I looked back at Kristen and two guys who were also apart of our meet and greet, i mouthed the words “oh sh*t” to them.. Lol. Security signaled me that it was my time to meet Britney, I walked around the corner of the back drop and there she Was, smiling so big and bright at me (which made me feel so Comfortable). I walked up to her and Said “hi Britney you look so pretty!” And she said “aww thanks sweety, you’re so cute! What’s your name?” I told her my name and I don’t remember much of what I was said between Britney and but I know the entire time she was all smiles and looking right into my eyes. I asked her if we could hold hands in our picture and she said “sure!” She then locked her fingers with mine, I guess Britney could feel me shaking so to give me comfort she squeezed my hand which honestly made the moment so special. I then told her “thank you so much, I can’t wait to see the new show!!” Brit replied, “you’re welcome sweety, I’ll see you out there!! **THEN HUGGED ME!!!!** honestly that was the best experience of my life and she was so sweet and so beautiful I still don’t feel like it happened! I’m so blessed to have had this experience and I can’t wait to see the show again in April! Thank you so much Anthony for letting me tell my (long) m&g experience!

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Glad you had an awesome time Bryce!